Where’s Your Nose? A Portrait of M at One Year

I’ve been wanting to write individual posts about M and E and what they’re up to these days. I’m thinking of this as a sort of one-year portrait, though they are now 13 months. I started arbitrarily with M because I had a sketch of her I was going to include, but then I decided the photo was nicer. Stay tuned for poem of E.

A Portrait of M at One Year

M loves to walk around the house holding both your hands, leading the way to the shoe pile, to the window.

Strangers must earn her smile. Eventually she will make a subtle wave, raising one hand a bit.

She can climb the stairs, climb off of the rocking horse, climb onto boxes left within her reach, climb into the stroller, climb down from the couch.

When you are holding her and she sees something she wants she points to it, leaning her whole body in its direction, and says emphatically, “Dooh! Dooh!” until you take her to it.

Let free to explore a new place she crawls with purpose, lifting her arms high, pulling up on the nearest support. Then she turns to you with that mischievous, happy twinkle.

When eating, she enjoys rubbing her food-smeared hands all over her hair as if applying mousse.

Sometimes she waves with both her hands at once.

If you say, “Where’s your nose?” she puts one finger on her nose.

She will not sit still in the bath but insists on trying to stand and climb the walls, then cries when you try to put her back in place.

Her face lights up when she gets her hands on a light switch; the doorbell is exciting.

If you take a toy she’s playing with, she arches her entire body backward and turns red. If she doesn’t want to do something, like be buckled into a high chair, you will not succeed in buckling her.

She can often be distracted by belly zorbers, being tossed in the air, or hanging briefly upside down.

She smiles if you give her an eskimo kiss (rub noses).

When E takes a toy she’s playing with, many times she lets it go and does not resort to hitting. She does occasionally bite.

She likes handing you things and seeing you take them. Her milk cup, her sippy cup, a toy.

She can sit for an hour concentrating fixedly on a new task. Putting together and taking apart legos, moving blocks in and out of a box.

Her favorite book is “In My Tree” which is a board book that features a little felt owl finger puppet. When she sees this book she leans down and gives the owl a kiss. She also sometimes gives the rocking horse kisses.

She sleeps every night with a Snuffleupagus. When you lay her down in the crib and hand her the Snuffy, she hugs it to her chest thankfully and sucks on the trunk.

She hates having her diaper changed.

She likes holding the snack trap cup open and shaking the cheerios out all over the floor.

She laughs often.



36 thoughts on “Where’s Your Nose? A Portrait of M at One Year

      • Oh no, that’s rough. I actually have a thing about these family labels that get stuck on early and then you can’t escape them (the pretty one, the smart one, whatever). I worry actually that I’m somehow contributing to that for M and E with this blog. Hope not.

      • Oh Jeez! Actually for me, my Uncle was a huge jokester and almost a bit of a big brother for my sister and I and we never took anything he said seriously which probably contributed a lot to my sense of humor. When I write about my kids I try to make it very clear that I am joking with them and try to instill them with a sense of humor so that they will understand that but I still share your concerns and totally get what you’re saying.

        Want to hear something (kind of) horrible? My uncle had one of those vintagey “Circus Freaks’ pictures (for the wall) of a set of Siamese twins who were attached at the hip. My sister and I took a picture where we had our arms around each other and our hips were touching and he hung it in the corner of that picture!! I admit that did kind of weird me out but I guess I took it pretty well. (Or maybe I am slightly damaged??!)

      • Your family sounds very good-natured. Or maybe I’m just bad-natured? I agree sense of humor is important. In my family, I guess it was mostly my sisters and I who used these labels against each other (though we were and still are very close). Maybe you had a different sort of relationship with your twin.

  1. For the first time I see a clear resemblance to a parent – M’s face reflects her Dad’s. I think it is the expression, rather than the features. Delightful thumbnail of a 1-year old.

  2. This is a great idea. Again, I wish I had recorded all of these little habits and traits.. It will be lovely for you to read this in a few years. I’m amazed at how she can sit contentedly playing with legos for nearly an hour. That’s great!
    Looking forward to the next post :o)

    • I hope they enjoy reading it later. Makes me feel like I’m burying a time capsule or something 🙂 How have you been? Hope you’re enjoying the summer.

  3. Adorable photo! Something about watching them eat at this age is so enjoyable, the mess, the smiles, the independence. I know they both make your heart sing 🙂 BTW, my youngest son’s favorite book is “On My Leaf” which is from the same series as “In My Tree” that your little M likes! Those little finger puppets are too cute.

    • Those finger puppets are the best 🙂 I know, the eating is fun, the watching-them-explore part, that is–the mess is a bit challenging. Makes me wish we had a dog to clean under the high chairs.

  4. M is truly an angel. Her presence and wonderful smile lights up everything around her. It’s a joy to watch every milestone of our children. They grow quick does we need to work extra hard not to miss them.

    • They do grow quickly, and it’s exciting seeing them learn so quickly. Thanks for visiting I just enjoyed your summer beach escape post 🙂 Made me wish for a trip to the beach.

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