Tiny People Live in Frick Park

There seems to be a population of teeny people living in Frick Park. Or maybe it’s little pants-wearing mice, or fairies? Whatever they may be, they live in the bases of trees and the entrances to their homes are plain to see for those who know where to look. The doors are a few inches high, made of wood, the handles tiny screws.

Discovering these teeny doorways all along the Tranquil Trail made me feel like a kid on a treasure hunt. I’ve found ten so far, more each time I go. Apparently a mysterious door has also been found in San Francisco–perhaps wood fairy ranks are growing?

tinydoor1 tinydoor6 tinydoor5 tinydoor2 tinydoor3  tinydoor4


29 thoughts on “Tiny People Live in Frick Park

      • Okay, so am now thinking Storybook Forest is next place. Until they’re 2, it’s free for them to get in. Water park there is nice (are they walking yet?) too!

  1. These fairy doors are everywhere here too. It’s so funny – I’m getting round to doing a post about our local park (Templemore park) which has a new trail of fairy doors. Last week we met the local artist who is busy installing new doors. She wants to spread the word and I said I had a blog and I’d do a post for her. It was lovely to meet a local artist.
    The trail gives the kids a reason to walk right around the park, rather than stay by the playground.
    Those doors are very cute indeed! 🙂

    • That’s too funny. I actually saw one when my mother was in town visiting from California, and she told me there was someone putting them in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, too. I guess it’s a thing, then! Can’t wait to see your blog post about the ones in Ireland! And learn more about Templemore park, too. Must have been fun to meet the artist 🙂

  2. I love these! I feel like I am going to start bumping into everything now because I’ll be head down looking for tiny little doors. Haven’t seen any in montreal yet but I didn’t know to look!

  3. Hi! I realize this post was 3 years ago, but has anyone ever mapped them out? Are they on the main trail or on the smaller narrow ones on the side?

    Thanks! Briana

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m not sure if anyone has mapped them out. Since I don’t live near Frick Park anymore, I’m not even still if they’re still there. Before, they were on the downhill trail leading into Frick Park from the Pt. Breeze cemetery entrance.

  4. The doors continue. The large one in the stump is currently the 7th. They aren’t hard to make … Old cedar fence slats, drill, leftover screw, coffee bag twist ties and staple gun. You cannot believe how much enjoyment is had anonymously watching children (of all ages) enjoy the doors. More stories than can be imagined.

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