Her Earlobes are Ticklish: A Portrait of E

Since I recently wrote the portrait of M, here’s E’s poem to match. They are changing so quickly these twins that even a week makes a difference.

A Portrait of E

Number one, that amazing, toothy grin. You can’t see it and not smile.

When we’re listening to the news and a clip of music comes on, she starts rocking back and forth, dancing to the beat.

She absolutely loves if you pick her up and dance with her. She also appreciates watching you dance alone.

If she’s playing with an interesting toy and M comes too near she says, “Nah! Nah!” and bats her away.

When she’s frustrated, she stiffens her entire body, clenching her fists at her side, and says something like “Arrrrghhh! Waaah!”

When she’s done with her milk, she offers you the sippy cup, then laughs hysterically when you grab a handle while she keeps her hold on hers.

Sometimes when she’s sitting in her highchair, she leans forward to be kissed on the forehead. Usually multiple times in a row.

She points at books and says, “Bu!” She waves and says “hi.” She’ll give you a high five.

If you’re holding her, she points at everything and anything and asks, “Da? Ada?” What’s that?

At the playground, she grips the baby swing with both hands, her little legs straight out, the breeze in her baby hair and a huge smile.

Sometimes when you try to take her out of the swing, she screams like small tyrant and refuses to bend to be buckled into the stroller.

When she meets new people or finds herself in a new situation, she becomes dead serious and stares.

If strange, curious babies in said new situation try to take her toy, she yanks it back.

When you hold her hands to help her walk, she moves slowly and focuses on balance, taking one deliberate step at a time.

She is eminently ticklish, on her neck, her belly, her armpits and the bottom of her feet. Even her earlobes are ticklish.

She loves listening to guitar.

If she gets her hands on the guitar, she touches the strings softly and makes beautiful sounds. She also bangs it percussively like a drum.

She is content sitting in the bath for as long as we let her, playing with the duckies, the fish, babbling to herself.

She can point to her nose and your nose.

She refuses to wear a hat.

When you come into the room, sometimes she squeals, crawls quickly over and raises her arms to be picked up.



15 thoughts on “Her Earlobes are Ticklish: A Portrait of E

  1. After reading this I had to go back and compare to poem of M. Without even knowing them, I am already a bit confused. Sounds like E is a little more outgoing and trusting. M is a little more introspective. Am I right?

    • We used to say that E was more focused on language while M was more focused on moving, but that isn’t always true. Whenever I say “M is this way…” or “E is this way…” they prove me wrong.

  2. E has a sense of humour already, teasing you with her sippy cup! 🙂 That’s so cute. Lovely to hear about them as individuals. I would like to write more about my guys’ personalities but I’m sort of worried if they’ll read it when they’re older and think ‘mum what were you thinking?’ Maybe they’ll prefer if I don’t share these things. Or if they don’t like what they read :/ I think when they’re babies it isn’t an issue at all though.

    • I know what you mean, it’s really hard. I try to think about what I would like to be able to read about myself as a baby or little kid. I think I would probably like reading anything as long as it was positive? I don’t know. I loved that blog you wrote about your daughter and saving all the animals and bugs, though 🙂

  3. Oh, I love this. She sounds just scrummy! Want to pick her up and give her a cuddle and tickle her to just to hear that infectious giggle!

  4. She sounds like a delight, and I hear the adoration in your words! I’m so happy for you. Children are indescribable, though you have done a lovely job!!! Good job Mom!

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