First Birthday Party for the Twins, A Summary



This weekend was the babies’ first birthday party. I thought I’d take a moment to record what happened. 

Earlier in the day we had given the babies some presents. They were all over each new object instantly, turning knobs, putting things in their mouth, banging, exploring. E stood over a new walker, gesticulating wildly and making such happy sounds as if to say, “Look at this! What?! HOLY COW!” They loved unwrapping the presents, too. E tore tissue out of a bag and ruffed it in the air like it was wings to take off. They were both so completely thrilled by the novelty it made me want to buy them new things every day. 

We had invited a few new friends for the party. There were a lot of kids, who ran around happily in the back yard. We made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, blueberry muffins, tea sandwiches, both egg salad and cucumber and cream cheese. There was Orangina to drink, and other tasty snacks. We had a red checked tablecloth, Happy Birthday banners on the walls, party hats, and a pretty clean house. 

The babies wore their new matching party dresses, E in blue stripes and M in orange. M ate a blueberry muffin and an egg salad sandwich and they both ate a lot of fruit salad. We put them in the highchairs and everyone gathered around to sing happy birthday, which I think was mystifying to them. Then we placed a cupcake, each with a candle in the shape of “1” on each of their trays. It took them a while to warm up to the cupcakes, but when they did they each grabbed the whole thing, frosting and all, and mashed it into their mouths, devouring every last crumb. 

By the end they were completely giddy and full of smiles. Even though it was really past their bedtime, they were perfectly happy until we put them in their cribs, at which point they fell fast asleep. 

And that was it, nothing complicated, but we celebrated M and E and this milestone. I think we started this birthday thing off right. 


27 thoughts on “First Birthday Party for the Twins, A Summary

  1. So cute!! I think that’s a perfect first birthday party. I’m excited to see what my twins do with their cupcakes on their first birthday as well. And the QUALITY of that photo? Amazing. Love it!

  2. YAY! It sounds like it was pretty relaxing and stress free! I need to take a tip from your book when planning! They are adorable!

    • I guess getting everything prepared is never completely stress free, but this was about as simple as it gets, and completely worth it. I’m happy about our little party.

  3. So nice of you to share. Sad to say, I missed my grandson’s B’s first birthday this past week-end. My daughter, who is about to start Chemo this following Tuesday, asked me to go on a little holiday with them. Sometimes a Grandma needs two bodies, and a few extra hands. Your twins are adorable.

  4. Happy birthday to the cutest twins ever, and their wonderful Mom and Dad! Thanks for sharing this special day with us. Love, S

  5. Adorable! I made a six-inch “mash” cake for my son when he turned 1, and it was crazy to get all that cleaned up. I should’ve done the cupcake thing, like you. Oh well! At least it was a good photo opp for us and the grandparents. Happy Birthday to your twins!

  6. What well behaved babies! I love the photo. I remember my twins’ first birthday party. We invited too many people and they became overstimulated and cranky. You seem to have gotten the balance just right! :o)

  7. Love! I don’t want to think about my babies’ first birthday when they’re barely 6 months old! Where does the time go?? I’m hoping their birthday is as simple but happy as your twins’ birthday party sounds.

  8. It looks like that all went very smoothly. I’ve heard of other first birthdays where the baby has found it all very overwhelming and hasn’t enjoyed it at all! Glad they had a good birthday!

  9. A very happy belated birthday to your two sweeties I miss so much! Their first birthday sounds perfect! I wish them many many many more, equally perfect….

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