On the Twins’ First Birthday, Looking Back on the Past Year


Last week the twins turned a year old. There have been huge changes this year: M and E’s birth and our move from New York to Pittsburgh being the biggest, plus all the smaller changes that those precipitated.

I can remember so clearly when we first brought them home from the hospital, looking down at their little sleeping bodies swaddled in the crib under the window. Their tiny, perfect faces, the hats they wore though it wasn’t cold. I remember that feeling, sleep-deprived, vibrating with nervous energy and wonder. My mom had come for the summer to help, and I remember those hot days we spent camped out with the babies in the bedroom, the one air conditioned room of the house, talking. I remember buying preemie size diapers at Target.

Still, so many things about those first few months are a blur. How many days until the NICU nurses let me hold them? How long did I keep pumping breast milk so that we could offer them a bottle first and then breastfeed after, until they got the hang of it? Until we were confident they were growing. And did we really feed them every three hours, getting only three non-consecutive hours of sleep per night, and for how long? No wonder those months are a blur.

Now suddenly they are a year old and two tiny individuals: eating cupcakes, waving and saying hi, taking little baby steps with help, climbing the stairs, getting the giggles. It’s hard to believe they’ve only been part of my life for a year. They have accomplished so much, and I am so incredibly proud.




34 thoughts on “On the Twins’ First Birthday, Looking Back on the Past Year

  1. The first year is always a blur, but toward the end of that year you come out of the fog and into THE BEST time of their young lives. 9-18 months are a total joy and it only gets better from there! Enjoy them…they’re beautiful!

  2. Happy birthday sweet babies!! It is incredible how quickly it goes. In the moments it seems it will stay that way forever and then you blink and they are one!

    • It is amazing. I just realized the other day that I need to take more pictures. I keep thinking there will be other opportunities for a nice family photo, but then it’s a year later!

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful babies, and CONGRATS on making it to the year mark!!! Have fun chasing them to age two 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful babies! isn’t it amazing how they change and learn in that first year, to go from absolutely helpless to communicating and exploring. It’s staggering. I love hearing all their new adventures. Long may they continue! :o)

    • It is completely staggering. What a tremendous learning curve! (Also a learning curve for the parents, but that can’t really compare to what they learn in the first year). Looking forward to new adventures 🙂

  5. Happy belated birthday M & E! Congrats on surviving Mum n Dad. 😉 Here’s to many more SpaceMonkey milestones and celebrations. 🙂
    N, T, CnC…xo

  6. Lovely and moving account of the incredible first year. A triumph for two inexperienced parents to have wrought. It will always be with you, this unique period of time, and you will probably wonder always how in earth you accomplished it! What a huggable pair.

  7. Happy 1st Birthday, girls! All these milestones and they come and go so fast! My twins are almost 6 already and I can still remember all the little things you wrote about in your post. Here’s to another great year (and many more)!

    • I know, it’s bewildering that it’s been a year. Last summer seems so recent, and yet they’ve grown so much…my sense of time has gotten warped.

  8. It seems life can be a blur after so many years. I had four children and they were all into sports. It was a crazy, busy time. The cook, nurse, taxi-driver and of course, friends and overnights. I remember not sleeping through a night for years. One seemed to be always up with a cold, broken heart, exams the following day and the worse was when they started going out. Now I watch my children do the same things I had to do. Those are the good times. Enjoy!

      • In a short time, you will get caught up as I seem to be doing now. How exciting to have twins though I am glad it wasn’t in the cards for me. I would not have had the support of a good man by my side, and I think that is half the battle.

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