Maybe I Will Just Not Leave the House All Winter: Life With Twins

IMG_1445Today it dawned on me that my carefully-devised system for leaving the house, which I described here, involving lugging car seats and strollers up and down two flights and finally carrying both twins at once down the front stoop, is not going to work when the weather gets frigid and there’s snow or ice on the steps. That will be the straw that breaks the camels back, so to speak (as they  get heavier and heavier).

So I guess I will just not leave the house this winter. Or maybe leave in the morning very early while D is still home, if I can motivate before the crack of dawn. Would it be bad for the babies not to go outside during the week? I do think fresh air is important. Maybe I can just bundle everyone up and open the windows real wide. Today I managed to get us all out to the park. Bean was so comfortable in the stroller she fell asleep, and M, in the carrier, took the whole thing in, her little cheeks getting pinker. Bright eyes watching the trees, the people.

I’m too tired to think about it now. I’m sure we will figure something out.

ps: Here is a bit of good news. This weekend on a trip to IKEA I picked up these full body bib/smocks, which were just what we needed. Now I don’t have to change everyone’s outfit after eating, which saves some time. I should have bought about twenty.

8 thoughts on “Maybe I Will Just Not Leave the House All Winter: Life With Twins

  1. I so feel for you. Getting out with twins is so hard for me too. I used to be able to walk everywhere and now I have to drive, which involved getting three kids bundled up and the twins in the stroller, walking through the complex to the car, collapsing the double stroller and loading it up, getting everyone loaded (and with the car seats they must weigh 50-60lbs now) then driving where you are going, and doing it all in reverse. Sad part is, I do it all on my days off just so I can go out and get a coffee LOL. We also have to go out daily to walk the dogs but that’s not quite as bad (except its cold and dark by the time I get home from work). Happy hibernation 😉

    • Ha, yes! Thank you, that is exactly how I need to think of it. Happy hibernation. Just being like the bears. We could do worse than be like the bears. Today we woke up to snow snow and more snow, so I guess it’s begun. Actually this is just another challenge, and challenges are not a bad thing, right? They keep your brain fit. Doing it all to get a cup of coffee is the comedy part–going out to get a cup of coffee is a day’s accomplishment, though it doesn’t sound like it.

    • Thanks! It’s making me feel better to read some comments on here. I’m sure there is some creative solution to this. I am going to investigate some options. For today it’s freezing out and a good day to be cozy inside anyway. We will not live in this walk-up forever. And then we’ll look back on it and laugh 🙂

  2. Just like you said–somehow you’ll figure out something that works! I used to walk my twins in the jogging stroller every day at morning nap time, and I remember thinking that I had no idea what I’d do the day I couldn’t do that anymore! Then some day it changed and I don’t even remember! Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or the chaos in the house that comes with twins that causes you to forget. . .ha!
    We’ve had horribly cold weather here (northern Colorado), and after the third day of being stuck inside, I dug out the coats, blankets and was absolutely determined to get out. Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention!
    One huge help for me when my babies were littler was a neighbor girl who loved to stop by. I’d ask her what day she could go to the grocery store with me after school, and I made sure to tell her it was only if she wanted to because I couldn’t pay her. I usually let her get some candy or a snack or something at the store, but having extra hands to help was priceless. And she absolutely loved pushing the stroller and carrying a carseat for me. Maybe you’ll find a lonely neighbor girl soon?

    • True! Necessity is the mother of invention. A neighbor girl would be nice…I will keep my eyes open! Also, today it isn’t snowing and I think my old method will work again, so I won’t have to stay in all winter after all. Of course the next challenge is how come these babies keep getting bigger and outgrowing all their warm winter clothes already? Always something. I know what you mean about things constantly changing and then not remembering. I feel like their whole first three months are a sort of blur (and I can foresee this period now being a sort of blur, too, which is why I’d like to be able to slow down and appreciate things). Thanks for commenting!

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