Getting Out Of the House: Brooklyn Walk-up With Twins


I have a new way of getting out of the house. I’m not entirely sure if it’s an improvement over the old way, which you can read about here. The advantage of the new way is that once I’m out, all I have is a very lightweight umbrella stroller plus the other baby in the ergo carrier. I feel incredibly portable. I’m sure I could even fit through the checkout at the store. Plus, the babies are just too heavy to be lugging them, their car seats, and their very heavy double stroller up and down two flights. So, here for your consideration is my new leaving-the-house system:

Step 1: Bundle the babies up (it’s winter).

Step 2: Strap on the ergo. Carry the stroller, a car seat, and my jacket down to the first (but not ground level) floor. This takes two trips up and down.

Step 3: Carry a baby down to the car seat on the first floor and strap her in. Walk back upstairs.

Step 4: Strap the other baby into the ergo. Walk downstairs with her. Put on my jacket.

Step 5: Carry the stroller (with baby in ergo) down the stairs to street level.

Step 6: Walk back upstairs. Lift second baby out of car seat. Carry both babies at the same time down to street level.

Step 7: Strap second baby into the stroller.

Step 8: Roll out with one baby in the wrap, the other in the stroller.

Then, coming home, repeat the process coming back up.

I’m still not sure carrying both babies at the same time is the best solution to the problem, but it’s the best I’ve been able to come up with so far. It’s an evolving system. I am proud that I managed to leave the house today despite the dread that arises in me when I picture all the steps necessary to get out the door. In any case I’m getting my exercise, and probably keeping my brain fit solving these fox, river, rowboat puzzles, right?

As ever your Sparrow.


8 thoughts on “Getting Out Of the House: Brooklyn Walk-up With Twins

  1. Hilary, this is sophisticated spatial-temporal reasoning (I just looked this up in Wikipedia, and what you’re doing is at least this)… I strain to get my mind around it. WOW. But it definitely sounds lighter…!

    • Oh excellent. Sophisticated spatial-temporal reasoning. I love it! Makes it sound like I’m really giving my brain a workout (not just my biceps). Thanks for commenting!

  2. I completely understand! I never had the added challenge of a walk up to face, but it is insanely tough getting out alone with two babies. Hats off to you for going for it!
    And I had the EXACT same thought about the logic puzzle with the fox, corn, goose and rowboat almost every time I tried to think through how I was going to get somewhere with my twins when I was alone. :).
    Can you imagine the ease of one baby after learning how to manage two? Strap one in the Ergo and be on your way…but it wouldn’t be any fun without the challenge! 🙂

    • I know, I try not to be too jealous of moms with one baby. There is a fun to the challenge, I guess, if you think about it the right way. And a sense of accomplishment. Also it makes us be so organized. Everything has to be figured out and laid out in advance. Go twin moms. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Good for you!! 🙂 Gosh, I’ll stop complaining about my measly five steps. I can’t imagine lugging everything down two flights. Ugh. No wonder you dread leaving w/ both. And then having to also lug your purchases up? You deserve an award for that. The carrier idea seems great. And yeah, these things do keep us fit and sharp. At least that’s what I tell myself as I maneuver both car seats down the stairs over the neighbors flowerpots. Big muscles coming my way haha. It’s winter here too. Not sure why I have to still dance with the flowerpots. I should move them hehehe.

    • Ha, flowerpots, excellent. I know, my apartment has become quite the obstacle course with baby stuff plus our stuff all of the the place. Somehow it’s hard to find the time to do things like neaten the shoes in the hall so I don’t trip over them… I have only really tried grocery shopping once with them, and i just got about ten items. No big shops 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

    • Yeah, it’s pretty much the best way to describe the situation. Can’t leave the baby alone, can’t leave the baby without the car seat, carrying things back and forth one at a time. I guess if it wasn’t the stairs it would be the car or something else. Moving around with twins is a challenge!

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