On the Twins’ First Snow and Just Being


Today we took the babies out in the snow for the first time, headed to a holiday party. We bundled them up in double layers of pants, bodysuits, sweaters, jackets hats and hoods. (We are probably over-cautious in the bundling department.) The last time it snowed I stood with them at the window; they were transfixed watching the white drifting.

On the way to the party, walking through the snow, M fell asleep on me in the ergo. When we got there it was a very cozy room full of talking, food and lights. They seemed to enjoy the whole experience. They are so patient and wide-eyed, happy to smile at everyone, constantly making new friends. On the way home, though we rushed with them through the snow, though the subway took forever to arrive, though I complained about how fast it would have been to drive, though it was past their dinnertime, they were unfazed. Content, just being in the moment. I’m sure there’s something to learn from them, there…

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