Sunday Sketch

I know this is a parenting blog and all, but maybe Sunday Sketch will be my new Sunday thing. Today was not the best day, but in the late afternoon I did take a walk alone in Frick Park.

I turned on a different path, which took me up a steep ravine and then suddenly dead-ended at Forbes Avenue, which traverses the park on a very high overpass. I was disappointed to discover that I’d have to walk the width of the park on Forbes to get back inside. But it turned out to be kind of beautiful walking along so high up, looking down on the trees. I stopped midway to do a quick sketch of the horizon, my sketchbook and pastels balanced precariously on the side rail. My second sketch is of some of my favorite houses along the bowling green.

Tomorrow back to regularly-scheduled baby announcements.


Sunday Sketch

27 thoughts on “Sunday Sketch

  1. I love the mom stuff because of how real and relatable your topics are. That said, I’m excited to see your Sunday sketches! This looks right out of a book! Really cool.

  2. Love the sketches, especially the top one.
    It’s your blog, post what you like. But I love reading about life itself more than one specific topic (although that is good too).

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