Make the Breast Pump Not Suck


Make the Breast Pump Not Suck

This made me feel good about living in the U.S…except that part about how we are nearly the only country in the world without paid maternity leave…

But seriously, this almost made me choke up at one point. Not sure if a better breast pump would do it or if we need a better culture, but this is a start.


10 thoughts on “Make the Breast Pump Not Suck

  1. How cool. They forgot to put that one of the reasons to pump regularly can be to keep supply up. Can’t believe you guys still haven’t got some form of parental leave. In Australia it is 12 months leave but only a little bit of pay. Our new budget is increasing the pay though.

    • I know, I don’t know why there isn’t more of an uproar here. I actually assumed I did get some sort of paid leave until I actually got pregnant.

  2. I tried breast feeding with my first and since it didn’t go well, didn’t try with the second, although I think she may have taken to it. She sucks her thumb (to this day!!) why not a breast. Anyway, I suppose my point is that I feel like I don’t have much input on this so, Hi, how are you? And P.S. for all breastfeeding mamas hope breast pumps stop sucking!!

  3. I’m either uncreative or technologically undemanding – never once did I think, “Why can’t this breast pump be as sleek as an iPhone?” More like, “Why are these hornlike devices sucking my will to breastfeed?” Cause it’s true – oh, they suck all right! Godspeed and good luck, breast-tech team!

  4. No paid maternity leave! Wow.. In ireland we get 6 months paid leave, and an optional 16 weeks unpaid. There’s also parental leave which can be used during school holidays..
    You are so great for BF for this long. I only BF my twins for 3 months. I was absolutely exhausted. I had a great pump, but I found by the time I had pumped Someone was hungry anyway.. It was very handy to have a few bags of breast milk in the freezer if I needed to pop out.

    • I know, how is that even possible that we have nothing here? I had “paid” maternity leave, but it was actually my sick time plus vacation time. It’s different with every job. And I never thought I’d be breastfeeding this long, but it’s still working and I feel funny just stopping. We will see what happens I guess.

  5. Thanks for reminding me how incredibly fortunate I am. I’m able to stay home (though paid leave would’ve been nice) and my husband was able to take 6 whole weeks off when the twins were born, thanks to his company’s PTO program and quirks in his particular situation. I’m also able to nurse my twins all day (and sometimes all night too) without having to pump. I was mentally complaining about having to pump for the twins’ rice cereal so I can only guess how difficult it would be to pump all day every day.
    That sounds like an awesome start! I can’t wait to see if anything develops from it. So much potential!

    • Yeah, I would do a lot to avoid pumping. I nurse mine all the time, too, but I’m looking forward to the freedom when they stop, then I could miss more than one feeding and not worry that I should pump.

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