Overheard: Two Four-Year-Old Girls at the Playground


I pull the double stroller up to the swings. Two young girls, maybe around four years old, are playing by the swing set. One of them has long brown hair and bangs. She is standing behind one of the baby swings pushing it roughly. The other has short blond hair and is wearing a white dress.  Following is their conversation. I’ve omitted my contributions, which were only extremely minimal.  

Brown-haired girl: Oh, man! That baby is going to take the baby swing. (Then, to me) My name is Madeline. 

My name is Nina. 

I wish my name was MadeLYN. I’m in Kindergarten. …wait, am I in Kindergarten? Or am I in nursery school?

This is my Easter dress.

I like that dress. … Is it your Easter dress, or is it your BUTT dress? 

(High pitched laughter from girl in dress) It’s my EASTER dress!

I HATE high school! High school is SO BORING! High school musical (singing). 

(High pitched laughter again)

I want to take my pants off up to my butt. (Both girls now sitting on the ground, swinging themselves around the base of swing set). 

I’m not wearing pants (girl in dress).

Let’s take our clothes off. 

I have Ariel on my underpants (announcing, generally. Then, to brown-haired girl) What kind of underpants are you wearing?

I’ll show you my underpants if you show me your underpants. 

How old are those babies? My brother’s name is Max. I’m not cute, Max is the cute one. 

Which one is older? … That means they were both in your belly at the same time? My mommy only had one baby in her belly. 

I don’t have a twin. 

I don’t have a twin. People say I’m like a twin with my brother, but he’s a BOY and I’m a GIRL. He has hazel eyes and I have hazel eyes. He has brown hair and I have brown hair. My daddy puts spikes in his hair. 

(Woman comes over and tells the girls it is almost time to leave)

This is my new best friend. (Looking at Dress Girl.) 

(Woman walks away again)

When my mommy tells me to do something I say, “Talkie Mama Rama Lama.” 

My Mommy’s name is Lisa. 

(Woman comes back again and the two girls leave with her)


…Names have been changed. I wonder what M and E will say when they can talk. 


Trying Out the Baby Swing

Trying Out the Baby Swing

This is a sketch of M at the playground. A couple weeks ago I took the babies to the park to try out the baby swings. This was before the temperature dropped permanently below freezing. Anyway it was a lot of fun. There was only one swing free, so they had to take turns. M really seemed to enjoy it, swinging her legs and grinning away. Bean wasn’t so sure about the whole thing. I think she was tired. Looking forward to trying it again when the weather warms. Is it spring yet?