Breaking My iPhone Addiction: Escape To Fiction Land


Every night after the babies have gone to sleep and I’ve written my blog post, I get in bed and check email on my iphone. It sounds wrong just writing it. I’ve had a smart phone for less than a year but already I’m disturbingly addicted.

Happily, yesterday for the first time since the twins were born ten months ago I started a novel, Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth. I’d pulled it off the bookshelf earlier in the day when I had a moment during baby nap time and read just a couple pages–enough to get hooked. So last night when I climbed in bed, it was with my book.

The babies were peacefully asleep, the house quiet, and in the pages of the book I was transported away from these walls, which surround me day after day, and to New York at the turn of the century. Grand Central Station, and Ms. Lily Bart all bright rustling silk amidst the drab summer crowd. Mr. Selden spots her and they set out in a hansom for a cup of tea.

Lily Bart is troubled, but her problems are not my problems. Her concerns are completely absorbing and engrossing, but they are her concerns. For those moments turning the pages in the quiet house, there was nothing else but Ms. Bart smoking a cigarette in Mr. Selden’s dark, comfortable library, and tea and cake being served by a beautiful lady in a lurching railway car. How delicious. How different from the Internet, which is less a portal to another world and more a black hole of insecurity about this one.

This afternoon when I got back from my walk both babies were asleep. Excitedly I parked the stroller and ran to get my book. But it wasn’t the same. I kept waiting for the babies to wake any second, looking up to check on them, which was too distracting. I couldn’t really escape.

Tonight, though, it’s back to Lily Bart. Internet and iPhone, you have nothing on good fiction.

Strange and Mysterious Investigations

Strange and Mysterious Dialogue 

“Dear Space Monkey Twins,

Thank you for sharing your observations. I wanted to alert you to some interesting work happening in Portland, ME around the Glow Box. Researchers there have initiated oral investigations of the un-lit Glow Box. They were also able to activate the glow…” [click link above]

Dear Portland Interested Party,

Galloping Glow Worms! This is a very exciting development! Was fingerprint recognition necessary for Glow Box initiation? Our efforts at understanding have been somewhat hampered by our thus far lack of mobility. Needless to say, we are working day and night on achieving “texting thumb” grasp and learning to control these jumpy leg appendages! In the meantime, we will alternate between panting excitement and affected nonchalance in the presence of The Glow, in the hopes of securing a closer investigation.

I hope we too might have something to share with the Baby Council.

Your admiring

Space Monkey Twins

Strange and Mysterious Object #6


From the journal of Space Monkey Twins:

01_08_2014 19:54:55:01

Glow box seems to be each human’s computer chip. Both “Mom” and “Dad” carry at all times + must continuously stop to stare, tap, stroke. We believe this object downloads and uploads data to the human brain, conveying information to a central knowledge port. Faces go blank during the upload process. We will make every effort to gain access to glow boxes, as we believe these hold the secret of the human race.

*Note: We will also distract “Mom” and “Dad” from them as much as possible, as they become bleary faced with too much exposure. Belly zerberts seem to help.

As ever, your intrepid
Space Monkey Twins