The Twins Reach the Most Important Milestone


This weekend we took another outing with the babies. Part of our new “we can get out of the house,” and, “let’s try to explore a bit of this new city we’re living in” Saturday routine. We went to Oakland with the plan to go to the library, but ended up visiting D’s office so I could see where he worked, and wandering around the green outside the library watching the carousel and enjoying the sun.

Most importantly, though, we visited Dave and Andy’s Homemade Ice Cream shop. This store had been recommended to us recently, and it was a spring-ish day, so I thought we better check it out. Which is how the twins ended up at this momentous milestone, this marker of adulthood: first ice cream.

They were appropriately serious about the whole thing. At first we weren’t sure if they liked it, they were so intently focused. Then we found it difficult to get the cones away from them because they kept craning forward to keep eating, and we were each holding a baby and an ice cream cone. Suddenly difficult to eat the ice cream out of their reach. Needless to say I think ice cream was a hit. Though I will have to explore other Pittsburgh ice cream options, since this one wasn’t quite up to my very high ice cream standards. I’m something of an ice cream connoisseur, you see, or a snob, or something. I’m very serious about ice cream.




For the First Time This Week


This week Bean starting clapping. 

This week M pulled herself up to standing. 

This week they ate cheerios. 

This week they ate three bags of avocados. 

This week, if you accidentally pulled their hair or caught their ear while adjusting a hat, they screamed as if it were the worst thing that had ever happened to them. 

This week M insisted on feeding herself. 

This week they gave kisses. 

This week they gave hugs. 

This week they crawled all over the living room. 

This week B has a second tooth coming in on the bottom. When she is overcome with happiness,

sometimes she throws her head back and laughs at the ceiling.