Space Monkey “Duck” Investigations

From the Journal of Space Monkey Twins


Space Monkey investigative team has undertaken an ambitious new objective: Communication with the Humans. After much research most essential humanoid keyword has been determined: “Duck.” Exact meaning and usage of “duck” under continuing evaluation. Following are developing hypotheses and updates thus far.


Essential duck. Size, shape, and mouth-feel strangely addictive. We hope to acquire more sample ducks soon, as we believe they may appease the Spacemonkey masses.


Looks like a duck. Squeaks like a duck. Investigation ongoing.


We no longer believe this to be a duck.


Human response: “Not a duck–broccoli.” Interesting.

We test all boundaries, growing ever closer to communicative goals.


Until next time, your tireless

Space Monkey Twins





Hello and a First Word, Maybe


Bean is waving now. When you wave at her, she holds up her hand then very consciously opens and closes the fingers. M is waving, too, or maybe it’s pointing, or a salute. Whatever it is it’s cute. She stretches her arm out straight, her hand reaching toward your face. Usually I kiss her fingers. Today I tried giving her high five. However you respond she’s excited about it. She grins that amazing grin where her two bottom teeth show, wrinkles her nose up, chuckles with sharp intakes of breath.

I’m pretty sure Bean knows how to say a word, too, “duck,” but I’m not quite ready to confirm it yet. I’ve also heard them say “book,” “ball,” and “banana,” but they’re all said in the context of repeating what I say so I’m not convinced they know what any of them mean. And mama and dada, they say those all the time, too. “Mama” seems to come more often when they are crying, though they are starting to say it at other times now, too. Do they know that’s us? They’re getting there, I think.