Positive Thinking for the Holidays

Positive Thinking for the Holidays

This is an ipad sketch of my mother holding Bean, copied from a photo taken last week over the holiday. It was a beautiful Thanksgivukkah. Won’t be another of those for 79,000 years.

I was inspired to go back to ipad sketching by my tech-forward grandmother, who was also at the celebration. She had downloaded a drawing app onto her own ipad after seeing a recent David Hockney show. She had us all ipad sketching.

Winter Stoop Scene – Ellie and Mattie Quick Sketch


This is a sketch of the babies at the bottom of our stoop, waiting for me to put their car seats on the stroller.

Today we broke out the winter jackets for the first time. I was a bit dismayed to find that even though they are eighteen month size, they are a bit tight across the chest. The arms are extremely long, though. I wonder if that’s the way babies grow, becoming thinner and longer? We will see. I have such beautiful roly poly babies.

Moleskine Sketch, Stroller in the Park

Moleskine Sketch, Stroller in the Park

Here’s all I could manage today. I did a sketch in my moleskine of the babies in the car seat stroller-mobile on our walk in Sunset Park. Actually it wasn’t much of a walk. I managed to get us out of the house, but then the babies fell asleep so I just parked the stroller and sat on a bench.

I’m feeling tired today. It was one of those days when I got back to the house and looked up at the front steps with dread, thinking of all the work of lugging the babies and equipment all back up to the top floor.

But it was a beautiful day outside. Fall. Fall is a melancholy time. Maybe that’s all it is, this feeling.

Strange and Mysterious Baby Toy #1

Strange and Mysterious Baby Toy #1

Now that the babies are starting to interact with their environment, we’ve gotten a few more toys. Some of them are truly amazing objects. I can’t imagine why the babies are transfixed…

This baby’s first rattle is actively trying to hypnotize. Or it’s watching you with its one bloodshot eye. Or at least transmitting some sort of code.

The toys remind me a bit of David Macauley’s book, Motel of the Mysteries. I could imagine an archaeologist of the future postulating strange ceremonial uses for them.