Strange and Mysterious Baby Toy #5 – Crab Head

Strange and Mysterious Baby Toy #4 - Crab Head

This man/woman/crab/god demands respect. He beckons us with his other-worldly smile. Closer now, we see distorted light, but can make no sense of his signs. We reach toward him, but he dodges and weaves. [Rattle-snap!] Retreat, retreat!

We will keep our distance, for now.

Signed, your intrepid
Space Monkey Twins


Strange and Mysterious Baby Toy #4

Strange and Mysterious Baby Toy #4

From the recorded journal of Space Monkey Twins

Jingle ball is our single remaining link to the other space monkeys. Code can be transmitted through careful manipulation by salivary glands. Also responds to happy squealing and screeching. Messages received through series of rattles. Connection seems to be weakening. [suck suck] Hello? Hello? Orbit monkeys do you copy? Not sure if it’s working. [brief rattle] We may be stranded here for good…

Your intrepid
Space Monkey Twins

This little piggy went to market…this little piggy is cute.

This little piggy went to market...this little piggy is cute.

These babies have adorable feet. Actually, they have many adorable attributes: feet, cheeks, noses, bellies, bottoms. They are great big bundles of adorable. And that’s not to mention the cheerful voices, or their smell of baby shampoo and milk, which of course you can’t sketch.

“They are so amazingly cute,” D said to me yesterday.
“Yeah.” I agreed. “But then again, how do we know? Maybe they’re actually just fat and drooly and not cute at all.” D laughed, and we looked at each other for a minute.
In any case, they’re the most beautiful babies we’ve ever seen, though I’ll admit we’ve got stars in our eyes.

Winter Stoop Scene – Ellie and Mattie Quick Sketch


This is a sketch of the babies at the bottom of our stoop, waiting for me to put their car seats on the stroller.

Today we broke out the winter jackets for the first time. I was a bit dismayed to find that even though they are eighteen month size, they are a bit tight across the chest. The arms are extremely long, though. I wonder if that’s the way babies grow, becoming thinner and longer? We will see. I have such beautiful roly poly babies.

Twins Halloween 2013

Twins Halloween 2013

Farmers and twin baby cows, that’s my concept for Halloween 2013. This idea springs from my having acquired two free baby cow costumes off the local parents’ list serv. I can’t wait to see the babies dressed as little cows. I can’t wait to take them out and show them off. I can’t wait to see other babies dressed in costumes.

I’ve never been that into Halloween before. In fact I can’t remember the last time I dressed up. I think it was in college when I half-heartedly stuck a few glow-in-the-dark stars on myself and said I was the night sky.

But something about the babies is bringing out my Halloween spirit. It isn’t just me, either. D bought a pumpkin and says we are going to carve it. A big pumpkin. I can see this happening with other holidays, too: Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas. We’ll have to show the babies how it’s done. They will keep us in line.

Personally, I can’t wait to eat three-musketeers bars and reminisce about the costumes I made in elementary school. So this works out pretty well for me, too.