Space Monkey “Duck” Investigations

From the Journal of Space Monkey Twins


Space Monkey investigative team has undertaken an ambitious new objective: Communication with the Humans. After much research most essential humanoid keyword has been determined: “Duck.” Exact meaning and usage of “duck” under continuing evaluation. Following are developing hypotheses and updates thus far.


Essential duck. Size, shape, and mouth-feel strangely addictive. We hope to acquire more sample ducks soon, as we believe they may appease the Spacemonkey masses.


Looks like a duck. Squeaks like a duck. Investigation ongoing.


We no longer believe this to be a duck.


Human response: “Not a duck–broccoli.” Interesting.

We test all boundaries, growing ever closer to communicative goals.


Until next time, your tireless

Space Monkey Twins





Two Can Play This Game


Bean lifting the blanket to play peekaboo with us was really a breakthrough. They are not just watching anymore, they’re interacting.

Last night at the babies’ dinner I lifted the spoon to feed Bean and she blocked my spoon with hers. In response I tapped her spoon with mine. On guard! Then she tapped my spoon with hers. It was a game. We kept up our spoon sword fight until all the food fell off my spoon. Not sure who won that one, but it was pretty fun.

At bed time we read a book to the babies, Bunny’s Garden. Each page has an extra little flap to lift, with a picture hidden underneath. As we turned the pages, M began searching around the page with her hand for the flap to lift. When she found it and opened it a few times we’d exclaim excitedly, and she’d put her hand in her mouth and pant with glee.

Today M was sitting in the highchair with the wiggly giggler (a rattle that makes an interesting sound when you shake it). She was sucking on it. I made a shaking motion with my hand and in response, she shook the rattle.

So fine, these are small things, but they feel big. They are the beginnings of communication. Yesterday I came into the living room to find both babies facing each other in the super yard, laughing away. They each had one hand in the air, waving at each other, and something was absolutely hilarious. It seems they’re communicating with each other, too.