Love in a Time of Toddlers


At dinner I look over at E to find her craning over sideways in her highchair, toward D, making her lips into a kiss.

I’m in the kitchen, chopping something at the counter, and I feel two little arms hug my knees. I look down to find E and hug her back.

M wakes up crying from a nap. When I lift her from her crib she squeezes me tight. I hug back.

Holding both twins in my lap I give them each a kiss on the head. M looks at E and leans over to give her a kiss. E kisses back.

Seeing a cat at a friends’ house, M tries to give it a kiss.

We’re reading a book, Panda Bear Panda Bear, What Do you See? M leans down to give the water buffalo a kiss, and E kisses the lion.

We’re reading a book about shapes. M gives a kiss to the square.

At first, seeing that, I feel disheartened. Maybe they don’t really understand.

But on second thought, I think that square feels better.  I think they know about love.


20 thoughts on “Love in a Time of Toddlers

    • I do go around saying that, or at least thinking it to myself 🙂 Obviously not all the time, but often enough…(On a side note, they say this irresistible cuteness is a species survival mechanism.)

  1. Doesn’t matter if they truly understand to the depth you do…..they’re doing what they see and what feels good. What more can we ask for? They feel good and we feel good seeing them feel good…it’s all good!

  2. Love it! Mine at 16 months do the same, especially my son. He kisses anything he is excited to be holding – whether that’s a spoon, a letter magnet off the fridge, his lovey or his sister. I believe he knows he is showing affection! He also bites – so I’ll take the love whenever I can get it!

  3. Cryyyyyyyy!!!! My little ones are in the exact same stage right now, and it’s pretty much the best. Of course, you’ve captured it perfectly in words right here. Thank you so much for sharing (and reminding me what an incredibly special time it is).

    • I know, it is pretty great. Sometimes in this blog I feel like I dwell a bit too much on the negative. There is nothing quite like getting a kiss or hug from these babies (toddlers). Thank you for commenting and your kind words! 🙂

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