Stop the Press, We Have a Milestone

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M took her first steps yesterday. I sat on the floor and put her a few feet away from me, encouraging her to take the steps toward my lap. Maybe she was reassured by the soft landing pad of my belly, because she did. I’m not sure she knew why I was making such a huge to-do about it (after all she’s been walking with help for months), but I think she appreciated the attention.

This morning we went to story time at the library and she walked again, a few feet from the train table to the bookshelf. Then again from the stroller to a shelf. She stands carefully, getting her balance, catching herself with her hands, pushing herself up again, wobbling, catching herself, standing again until she is stable, then looking forward with determination and taking one step, two steps, a quick three four and grabbing the bookshelf. I got out my phone to try to catch it on video, I’m sure I was grinning ear to ear, and I wanted to call over the other parents, “Look! Look what she’s doing!” (but of course it isn’t so amazing when someone else’s baby walks).

Today I noticed E is getting two more teeth on the top, which will give her a grand total of six, four on top and two on the bottom. I’m going to miss her toothy, baby grin with the two teeth on top. I remember how I loved her gummy, toothless infant grin, too. I wish I could pause time for a second, just to breathe and look around a bit and appreciate these beautiful babies as they are now, 15 months old, at this moment sleeping peacefully in their cribs, dreaming about walking.


23 thoughts on “Stop the Press, We Have a Milestone

  1. Sounds like you did pause time for a second and recorded it for eternity right here on your very own blog! And look at her…I can just see YOUR toothy grin encouraging her in that little look she has and those eyes reflecting love!

    • That’s true, that’s what I really like about blogging, the posts force you to stop for a second and record things. Also, just to note for the record, and to confuse things, this is actually a picture of E. I didn’t have a good one of M just now, and the sentiments about growing I thought were really about both of them 🙂

  2. It’s so cliche, but gosh it’s true – they grow so fast. Way too fast. I suspect my boys will be walking extremely soon too. I can relate to wanting to shout out their milestones to the world…I have moments like this often the pics and yay for walking!!

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