Baby Performs Modern Dance


Here’s something that will start the weekend off right. A baby performing modern dance; and he’s pretty good! Made me laugh. Happy Friday.



14 thoughts on “Baby Performs Modern Dance

    • Ha, really? That is so awesome. Sounds like a fun wedding!! You were ahead of the curve then–I’d never heard of doing this. What did your niece make of it? This baby seems very nonchalant 🙂

      • Well my wedding was very small – just 17 of us. We were married in Frascati, south of Rome. We had a dance floor all to ourselves so we were very uninhibited (and we’d probably had too much champagne in true Irish style!). My niece was dancing with us. One or two were copying her dance moves and then we all joined in. She was just delighted with herself. About ten adults were waddling around copying her. We couldn’t stop laughing. I’ll never forget it! :o)

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