First Library Story Time!

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Today we finally made it to baby story time at the Squirrel Hill Library. I’d tried to go to the library for story time when we lived in Brooklyn, but I was a bit late and they’d locked the door. So though this was not the twins’ first visit to the library, it was our first story hour. It definitely gives me new insights into M and E’s characters, seeing them in different settings with other babies.

The Baby and Me program was at 10:30, and we arrived about fifteen minutes early. The room was already full of parents and babies, all sitting in a circle on the carpeted floor. I set M and E down and sat cross-legged behind them. They didn’t move. They sat staring at all the activity, at the babies–a couple toddling around, most sitting or crawling. A couple other adventurous babies came over to say hi, one reaching right for E’s face. Still she sat still, watching that babies’ hand come closer. When one baby came over and tried to take her toy, though, she kept an iron grip, yanking it back. Eventually M and E turned toward me and started pulling themselves up to standing using my legs as support, still not straying from my lap.

Then story time started. We sang songs like “I’m a Little Teapot” and “The Ants Go Marching,” along with some new ones I’d never heard. There was a lot of taking the baby in your lap, lifting them up, clapping, etc., so I took turns holding M or E, with the other sitting in front of me. Once, for a song about riding a horse, I tried bouncing them both in my lap, but my legs got tired. For one song, about the beach, they handed out a silk scarf to each baby, meant to represent waves. For another song, each baby got two little egg-shaped maracas. Those were a huge hit with both M and E. M enjoyed sucking on them. E managed to pick up two with one hand, smiling as she shook them above her head. After the program, the facilitator came around to collect the eggs. When she tried to take M’s, it was a no go. “She’s got an iron grip on those!” she said. “You let me know when she’s ready.”

So I guess my babies know how to stand their ground, at least with their stuff. As the program progressed, M and E were slowly inching further from my lap. By the time it was over and other parents and babies were beginning to pack up, M and E had decided the place was okay and it was time to explore…and then they were off! Crawling to opposite sides of the room, playing with a wall of magnetic letters, picking up teddy bears, and trying to drink from all the other babies’ sippy cups (they weren’t interested in their own).

All in all it was a great excursion. They definitely like exploring new places and situations, and I’m sure we’ll be back for more.



20 thoughts on “First Library Story Time!

  1. Yay for making it! Our library does a free music and movement class I started taking my girls to when they were just over a year, too. It’s worth the hard work to get out the door to watch them interact! PS I signed up for email blog alerts so I don’t have to wait to get on WordPress to read your fabulous blog. Happy 4th to you and the girls!

  2. Sasha stole my comment! But am really glad you braved it with them… you have another good place to be with them and isn’t it amazing how different we see them in a different place?

  3. Yay! It sounds just like how our rhyme time at the library goes, also at 10:30, on mondays. They love those egg maracas. I only wish the whole thing was longer than 30 minutes…it keeps their attention and is a good experience for them!

    • I know, it was over too quickly! Though I have to say they really enjoyed afterward with no structure, too, just crawling around and exploring. Those egg maracas are the best.

  4. Sounds like a hit! I so wish I was still at home with my boy to be able to go to these events. Although we are on holiday, it is summer and most baby-mom events are closed for the summer. 😦 Some other year, I guess. 🙂 Enjoy!

    • I know, they should do story times on Saturdays, too. I actually first looked up to see if they were on a weekend so my husband and I could go together. But luckily there are other fun things to do on Saturdays, holiays and all times.

  5. I love this post! You really capture both the general scene and the twins . . . their keenly observant mode and, then, once they’ve taken stock, their delightful exploration. Lovely writing!

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