No Good, Very Bad Day


Today was a pretty bad day. It started with a short, interrupted night of sleep. Then this morning I ran around trying to get out of the house in the one hour window between baby nap and lunch. My plan was to go to the store and buy whole milk for the babies, then run over to Penn Extension to get a soil testing kit for the backyard.

It was hot and muggy, I ran upstairs and down getting socks, shoes, carrying babies, searching for a sippy cups and snack cups, finally grabbing cell phone and keys and running out the door. By that point there were only about 20 minutes left before baby lunch time, and I basically ran with the double stroller in the ninety degree heat to Penn Extension, on a not very nice route across Penn Avenue, only to realize when I finally arrived that I’d forgotten my wallet.

Somewhere in there, too, I also got bad news about a job I’d applied for, and the landlord emailed to postpone work on our apartment for the umpteenth time.  Also, M dropped her snack trap cup somewhere on our run/walk, which means we now only have one of a very coveted and essential item. I also finally finished House of Mirth, which is partly a good thing, but partly added to the sadness of the day because 1) I felt like a bum that I couldn’t motivate to do anything but lie on the bed and read during baby nap time, and 2) It was the most depressing book I’ve read in years and I sobbed like a teenager.

So it wasn’t the best day, and the babies spent a good part of it being impatient, resentful of each other, crying. Still, we did take a walk out to the park and sit on a blanket for a while, and when I grabbed M and hugged her she laughed and then gave me two kisses. I turned for them to land on my cheek but she planted them right on my lips. They have been working a lot on kisses–E now makes something close to a kissing sound and M can make her little mouth like a guppy. So at least the babies seem fond of me, and I sure do love them.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Either that or I’m moving to Australia.

23 thoughts on “No Good, Very Bad Day

  1. Those days… It’s so amazing how a little kiss in the midst of turmoil can mean everything. I really hope your night goes well. It wouldn’t hurt to dream about Aussie land though 😉

  2. As you know from reading my post today, we all have days like this! May tomorrow be better for both of us. 😉

  3. Oh girl! I hope tomorrow is a better day! There are days it takes me two hours just to get out of the house, and then once we finally make it to the car I have to wonder if the trip is worth the energy!

    • I know, most days I don’t try to go anywhere in the car at all. Too much just thinking of packing and unpacking that heavy stroller, driving with crying babies, not having enough time anyway. Thanks for sympathizing!!

  4. Oh poor you! I had so many days like these. At least you got out the door.. I had days when I just gave up. The next feed would be due and I’d just throw my hands up and say I’ll try again tomorrow. Don’t worry. It does get easier and you’re a great mummy 🙂 big hug!

  5. Sending you best wishes! Keep reading depressing books – it’s good for you! I recommend the Goldfinch – depressing as hell, with a nice kicker at the end. Miss you both.

    • Hi Jens! Miss you all, too! Next time you all are in the US you should plan a trip to Pittsburgh! 🙂 I know, there’s nothing quite like a depressing book. Good for comparison–at least my life is better than Lily Bart’s… I will have to take a look at the Goldfinch.

  6. So you’ve read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day then? I wonder with your last line there. If not, that’s always a good cheer-me-up! Hang in there…..there are these days but there are many other fabulous days ahead!

    • Yes! Title and last line definitely inspired by that book. That was a favorite of mine growing up–what a classic. Looking forward to the good days ahead!

  7. I’ve had plenty of days like this, but I try to do what you did … think and count the good things that happened during the day, no matter how small. Even very bad days can’t be all bad. 🙂

  8. Here’s to a better day tomorrow and a new beginning…bad days can be rough when it seems like it all goes wrong! Ah!

  9. Things can get overwhelming, exponentially so with twin babies! I am sending you big hugs and good energy to help out. As is said “This too shall pass” but living through it can be hell sometimes. Take comfort from the knowledge that you are smart, strong, capable and loving…and the girls truly are adorable!

    • Thanks Margaret! So glad we got to see you recently and you got to meet them. Thanks for the strong thoughts. True, everything will pass and we really should be enjoying it.

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