Arty Creative Games for Kids Age 2 to 100

Here’s another arty creative game to try with kids or just to do yourself. This is in the same vein as my post on drawings from scribbles and hair.

I just came across this idea here (and in her blog she links to other really fun blogs of the same). Here’s what you do. Draw some random blob with watercolor. Let it dry. Take a pen and make it into something. Here’s what I came up with. And I’ll admit it took four pages for me to get a whole page of them I thought were okay enough to share here (I’ll spare you Elvis Donkey, Upside Down Backpack Man, Rat Dog and the other characters from first few pages 😉 ) Here’s the before and after. Hope they inspire you to a few moments of creativity! It’s pretty addictive.





20 thoughts on “Arty Creative Games for Kids Age 2 to 100

  1. Haha I love these, and I really wanna see Elvis Donkey! I feel like I played this game with my toddler all through year two. He would paint, and I would draw an outline to turn it into something to make him squeal.

  2. Upside Down Backpack Man sounds like THE MAN! Elvis Donkey…..I’m not so sure about that one. These are great fun, but I’m thinking…you obviously need another set of twins so you don’t have this much downtime! 🙂

    • Ha. You know that thing about if you need something done ask a busy person? I feel like twins in some way have inspired me to new levels of productivity 🙂

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