Pushing Buttons, Blowing Kisses and Pinch Me


What a joy watching these babies discover the amazing things their hands can do. They are both pointing non-stop. If you pick them up they immediately become very serious and point at something, gazing with wide-eyed expectation. “Window” you say, or “toy,” or “books,” trying to see what they’re looking at. E is also taken with buttons and now pushes them very deliberately with one little finger. She’s fascinated by the doorbell, though hasn’t quite figured out how to ring it yet. They pick up slippery little bits of strawberry and banana, pass cubes of bread back and forth between them, and of course they can pinch, hard.

We will have to work on other hand motions like thumbs up. I’ve been trying high five, but though they are extremely entertained by watching me try to give them high five, it hasn’t quite caught on yet.

The best, though, and what is inspiring this post, is that this evening they started blowing kisses. E does it by putting her index finger in her mouth then pointing palm up while opening and closing her mouth, fish-style. M so far just puts her hand on her face. They were both doing it at dinner while sitting in high chairs. D was home and all four of us sat there blowing each other kisses.

Of course blowing kisses isn’t the only meal interruption these days. There are periodic episodes of clapping, where both babies take their cue from each other. Or both of them will suddenly start craning their necks all the way back to look at the ceiling. Sometimes M or E will bang both hands on the high chair tray and then the other follows suit and we have a little drum interlude. These babies are on fire with learning. And also very distractible.



22 thoughts on “Pushing Buttons, Blowing Kisses and Pinch Me

  1. Oh how precious!! Blowing kisses has to be one of my favorite learning steps. I love how they follow suit with each other as well, adorable. . . and loud I would suppose too! 🙂

  2. Oh! Blowing kisses is the best. This stage is really the most fun! You see them developing little individual personalities. This was a really fun post to read to hear your joy, and to bring back memories of my little one. Thanks for sharing!

    • I know–I feel like it is a really exciting time. They are such sponges, interested in everything and working so hard to learn. Also I think they’re very pleased about all they’re learning.

  3. “…on fire with learning!” and a mother who is “on fire with loving them.” What could be better? (I love your posts like this, they bring back so many memories!)

  4. So cute – blowing kisses must be adorable. It’s amazing to realize how quickly they learn. I sometimes ask myself what I’m teaching them today – that they have hands, for example. Who knew?

    • Ha–I know, it’s amazing how much they have to learn, and how they learn it little by little. It makes me so happy how they’ve taken to blowing kisses and how fun it is to blow them back. This is a fun age, I think.

  5. Aw, cute 🙂 I look forward to when mine start to interact like that! They’ve recently started staring at what the other one is doing, stealing toys is also a common interaction. Enjoy the blown kisses!

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