Today, a List


Today I was a bit distracted, and probably because of that there was a diaper malfunction, and poop all over a leg, and plum puree squirted from a pouch all over a car seat.

Today I stood in the kitchen looking at my two babies in their high chairs. They were both smiling at me, two teeth showing on the top, and waving by opening and closing their hands. They were so beautiful.

Today E continued to point at everything–the windows, paintings on the wall, toys, people..and call them all “duck,” enunciating very clearly in her precious little voice.

Today we woke up before 5 am to a baby crying. After a while we relented and brought E in to bed with us, where she crawled around happily, climbing up on our faces, breathing very close, trying to make it to the edge of the bed. Her perfect, round face illuminated by moonlight.




19 thoughts on “Today, a List

  1. You paint such a beautiful picture… without even painting a picture! (ironically enough) Funny, I was just telling somewhat about a diaper pail malfunction from many years ago. I will spare you the details.

  2. This is lovely! My son goes around saying quack quack! It doesn’t matter what animal it is, he will say it says quack, quack! Lol, hope the little ones let you get some rest soon 😉

    • I think it is a really cute age. You can see them watching everything so closely and learning. And it’s so cute when they stand on those wobbly little legs.

  3. I secretly love when L has a rough night and has to snuggle in the big bed. Best feeling ever. I can relate to the smiles amongst the chaos. Was it your leg or the baby’s? lol

    • Ha–the babies’ leg and pants and also my shirt. I know, the snuggling was nice, but since she hadn’t been sick really before I was a bit too worried to be able to enjoy it. Next time 🙂

  4. Oh, baby snuggles! I remember those. They are the loveliest thing ever. Enjoy every moment…..there are more wonderful things ahead, but this is a very singular experience…..

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