M Gets Her First Fever


Last week M came down with a fever. The thermometer said 101.9, but she felt like a boiling potato in the muggy summer heat. The worst part, though, was how the sickness took over her personality. I have been meaning to write individual posts about M and E, how they’ve slowly grown from babies into vibrant little individuals. If you’re with them in the living room, E often likes to sit nearby playing games like catch, pointing and babbling, while M is often off exploring, focused on physical feats like cruising and climbing.

When M woke up with the fever it was like she’d become a different baby. She wanted to lie on the couch, her warm head on my chest. If you took a toy from her she barely flinched, and if you put her on the ground she’d sit despondently. No more mischievous smile, and even tickles couldn’t elicit a laugh.

After a couple days the fever began to subside. I gave the babies sippy cups of water. They are still learning to use them and don’t always tip them back far enough to suck water instead of air. I showed E first. She let me hold the cup for her, watching how to tip it, then tried herself. But when I tried to take M’s she threw her arms in the air and pouted, protesting loudly. My strong-willed M is back!


14 thoughts on “M Gets Her First Fever

  1. Glad she’s feeling better and I’d say you are lucky to contend with your first fever after a year. I know this may sound awful (and my mother admits it) but she often was relieved when one of us had a fever because it was the only time we were peaceful.

    • Ha, I can believe it, though I was a bit too worried to be able to relax. I always thought a fever would make babies more demanding, but maybe that isn’t the case. She needed very long naps…

  2. Oh, poor baby! It always breaks my heart when one of my children is sick!! I am so glad she is on the uprise again. Haha, she sounds just like my strong willed son! 🙂

  3. I love how that last sentence reflects rejoicing! Sometimes I see this particular trait listed as a character flaw, so I love to see it being celebrated even briefly. 🙂

    • Ha, yes refusing a treat sounds like a sign. In fact when I’m sick I usually don’t like foods I usually love, either. I’m glad she’s better, too!

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