Trying to keep myself entertained here by switching it up. Here’s a Pigeon and Sparrow cartoon, this one featuring Sparrow and the Space Monkey Twins in an episode called, “Bath Time.”


Bath Time with Twin Babies (A Pigeon and Sparrow Cartoon)

15 thoughts on “Bath Time with Twin Babies (A Pigeon and Sparrow Cartoon)

  1. The good news is….you also get your shower out of the way at the same time! Wow. Am bowled over by your talent on here! You bathe two babies and still have time for this? Amazing.

      • Two points to husband that makes dinner! Am impressed. I had a friend who was a mother of twins who had another baby 18 months later and she said to me when that when you have twins and another baby right after, your husband has no choice but to be VERY INVOLVED. Looks like your husband didn’t even need that extra child to get him in right place!

  2. This can be hard to juggle with one (when the parent is also in the bathtub, which is by far the easiest here), but it never occurred to me how hard it might be with two! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Love! Ironically I’m reading this during a post-bath nap. I’m glad my babies aren’t mobile yet. It makes it much easier to bathe one while the other watches from the bumbo seat, then they switch. Though M was arching his back and would probably squirm out of the baby tub the second I turned my back, so there’s no looking away when one us in the tub!

    • Mine are crawling, not walking, but they definitely don’t like being contained. Funny, because I thought it would be easier bathing them both at once, but it led to some new challenges. Things keep changing so quickly as they grow.

  4. Love your comic talent! And I can imagine the fun with two in the bath.
    I had a friend use a laundry basket in bathtub just so it wasn’ยจt such a big place for her boy. Sounded like everyone was all around happy. :O)

    • People come up with all sorts of creative solutions, I guess! I still can’t manage bath time more than twice a week, but they’re getting messier these days, so we’ll see what system we come up with.

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