Leaving On a Jet Plane (First Time Away from the Babies)


This weekend I’ll be away from the babies for the first time since they were born (for more than a few hours, that is). I’m actually not taking a jet plane, I’m driving for seven hours to a friends’ wedding. So this is also the real christening of our silver chariot (ie Mazda 5, who as yet remains nameless). 

I honestly can’t decide if I’m excited (I can sleep in! I can paint my toenails! Wander around the city, sit with friends and relax, drink *multiple* cocktails!) or not (I’m going to miss those sweet baby faces, I’m going to have to pump breast milk the Entire Time, I’m going to have to drive for seven hours each way alone). But I think I’ll choose to be excited. See you on the flip side! 


18 thoughts on “Leaving On a Jet Plane (First Time Away from the Babies)

  1. Whenever I’m away from my babies I think I will do something really awesome and then I end up feeling guilty that I haven’t included them. (I actually wrote a poem on this, never published). However, being that you are going to a wedding, I’m sure the possibilities are endless. Have fun!!

    • Thanks! I will try to focus on doing things they wouldn’t enjoy, like drinking cocktails and…I don’t know what else. They’d enjoy many things. Thanks for the good wishes.

  2. You’ll do really well! The pumping will be miserable, but you’ll make it through. Email me if you want tips or suggestions for traveling/pumping. I’m also happy to provide general encouragement.

  3. I hope you had a great time! I’ve not yet managed to be away from my boy for more than a full day, never an over night. Mostly because there hasn’t been a reason to, yet.

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