Getting Out of the House with Twin Babies (Pittsburgh Edition)


So I’ve done it now, twice. I’ve left the house with the babies, with no help, and driven somewhere in the car. Yesterday we went to Old Navy and I bought them some birthday outfits–they are almost ONE YEAR OLD (huh?!) but that’s another post. Then today we went to the East End Food Coop.

If you’ve been reading for a while you may remember how I used to get out of my walk-up in Brooklyn. For comparison, here’s the new way of getting out of the house.

Step 1: Make sure babies are dressed to go and wearing clean diapers.

Step 2: Carry heavy stroller from porch down three steps to the street. Carry stroller seats down and assemble stroller.

Step 3: Carry one baby down three steps to stroller and buckle in.

Step 4: Get second baby and buckle in.

Step 5: Wheel ten feet to the car.

Step 6: Strap Baby A into car seat.

Step 7: Carry Baby B around to other side of car and strap into car seat.

Step 8: Collapse stroller. Hoist stroller and seats into trunk.

Step 9: Drive away.

This part really wasn’t bad, though I won’t say food shopping while hauling along the double stroller with two restless babies plus a shopping cart wasn’t a challenge. I don’t think I could have made it up the little hill to where my car was parked if someone hadn’t offered help.

Also this is unrelated, but I realized when I got out that I was wearing a shirt and pants that didn’t match, and also that it was the first time I’d looked down at what I was wearing all day. I had at least, before I left, checked whether my sweater was stained and half-heartedly tried to rub some dried baby snot/food out of it. I ran into two people I knew at the coop (which is about all the people I know in Pittsburgh) so I guess there’s no more being anonymous.

Still, I can go places with the babies. Watch me.



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20 thoughts on “Getting Out of the House with Twin Babies (Pittsburgh Edition)

  1. I love it! This is one of the things that gets easier. When they can walk getting to the car will be much simper. In fact you could even leave the stroller in the trunk then. Your back will be saved.

    • I know, I keep thinking it’s going to get easier when they can walk, but then I think, wait a minute, they’ll be running in all directions! Always new challenges, I guess.

  2. Great job! It really does get easier. I remember feeling super proud of myself everytime I left the house with even just my son. Then when I left with the twins, I felt like super mom. These small steps are accomplishments worth celebrating!

  3. Yay! I have a flight of outside stairs between my front door and car. I have to carry my twins one at a time to the car/front door any time I go somewhere. I hate it but I hate being cooped up even more. And I’ve gone out without makeup because I just forgot, something I NEVER did before babies ha!

    • Yes, being cooped up is the worst! Definitely motivation to take on any challenge. But a flight of stairs is no joke. I’m actually really happy about our three steps because before we moved to Pittsburgh, we were in Brooklyn in a third-floor walk-up 😛

  4. high five! we don’t have a car (yep! no car seats as well) so I haven’t tried going out with just the three of us… I’m so waiting for the time that they can walk ^_^ i envy you!

  5. Oh man, leaving the house with twins is so hard! I’ve gotten much better at it over the past little while, but it’s certainly still exhausting. People have told me as well that it’s easier when they are walking, but, my goodness, the thought of trying to wrangle two toddlers is pretty much my ultimate nightmare.

    I have to say though – how on earth are you pushing a double stroller AND a cart?! That is just madness. Can you position a basket on top of your handlebar, or even just pull the stroller canopy down and put your groceries on that? Or, even easier, any stores in your area with double-seated grocery carts? So far I’ve found that Costco, Target and my local grocery store have them, so now I don’t even have to bother with the stroller (tip: park close to the cart return thing for easy loading/unloading).

    • I do have to scope out the double cart offerings around here. I didn’t see any at Target but do they keep them in a special area or something? Hm. We are figuring it out slowly. Last time I went to Target we parked close to the shopping cart bay and I put one in the carrier and one in the cart, which was definitely an improvement. Thanks for commenting!!

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