The Twins Reach the Most Important Milestone


This weekend we took another outing with the babies. Part of our new “we can get out of the house,” and, “let’s try to explore a bit of this new city we’re living in” Saturday routine. We went to Oakland with the plan to go to the library, but ended up visiting D’s office so I could see where he worked, and wandering around the green outside the library watching the carousel and enjoying the sun.

Most importantly, though, we visited Dave and Andy’s Homemade Ice Cream shop. This store had been recommended to us recently, and it was a spring-ish day, so I thought we better check it out. Which is how the twins ended up at this momentous milestone, this marker of adulthood: first ice cream.

They were appropriately serious about the whole thing. At first we weren’t sure if they liked it, they were so intently focused. Then we found it difficult to get the cones away from them because they kept craning forward to keep eating, and we were each holding a baby and an ice cream cone. Suddenly difficult to eat the ice cream out of their reach. Needless to say I think ice cream was a hit. Though I will have to explore other Pittsburgh ice cream options, since this one wasn’t quite up to my very high ice cream standards. I’m something of an ice cream connoisseur, you see, or a snob, or something. I’m very serious about ice cream.




26 thoughts on “The Twins Reach the Most Important Milestone

  1. Hello! We just moved from Pittsburgh area after 20 years, so would be more than happy to give recommendations on just about anything kid-friendly if you are considering something but aren’t sure. Love to read about Oakland and anywhere else you go. Will have to explore more of your blog!

      • We have moved to Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland but we’re back and forth to Pittsburgh quite a bit as we still have home there. Am not sure what part of city you are in or exactly how old the babies are…..but Science Center has a WONDERFUL water table section for kids. Also Children’s Museum is wonderful for toddlers. Hopewell Community Park (if you’re on that side of city) has nice little duckpond and playground/picnic area and paddleboats. When kids get a bit older Wildwood Highlands in North Park area is excellent fun for them. Idlewild Park (outside PIttsburgh) is a very small park and has Storybook Forest and a great water park for small ones. Pittsburgh Zoo a great place for b-day parties or just a day out. Just a few things off the top of my head. Surprised you went to Strip District and missed Klavon’s Ice Cream though…..that’s a good one.

  2. We love our ice-cream here too, although Ireland does not offer much in the way of variety. Sometimes I store left-overs from dinner in used ice-cream containers and the kids are so disappointed when they wedge the containers open, only to find an old bolognese sauce!
    Lovely photo :o)

    • Ha. That’s funny. I store leftovers in old yogurt containers, so no one has that high of hopes 🙂 In New York there were some really great ice cream options. Maybe there are here, too. I have much to learn.

    • Yay!! Thank you so much for the fun kids’ recommendations! My twins are eleven and a half months. Those sounds like such fun places. And water table sounds like something they’d like for sure. Also thank you for the ice cream recommendations! I feel like I’m on the trail of good ice cream and get to explore new neighborhoods in the process 🙂

      • Oh, wow. Your kids are still really little. Check out those places online…..not sure science center would be worth the expense at that age yet. (is great day for sure, but water tables only a very small part of the whole). Lots of Mommy ‘n Me classes though and storytimes at the libraries are generally great at any age. But still stuff there that will work for you, I’m sure……Idlewild a definite at their age though!

      • Okay I will definitely check out Idlewild, then! I was thinking the library would be our next outing. Have to look up schedules of offerings.

      • Oh, should also mention….most YMCAs in Pittsburgh suburbs have GREAT baby programs….swimming with Mum, gymnastics, dance, storytimes, etc. You might check out one close to you (or look for one in a swankier suburb).

      • OMG. Can’t believe I forgot Skyzone over in Leetsdale. It’s a trampoline park and last I heard they had “classes” for little ones with their parents during off-hours. Might be worth checking that one out too!

      • You would not be the first adult in there! It’s LOADS of fun!

        Also, in that area, Sewickley area has a GREAT children’s program.

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