From the Journal of Space Monkey Twins


Space Monkey investigative team has undertaken an ambitious new objective: Communication with the Humans. After much research most essential humanoid keyword has been determined: “Duck.” Exact meaning and usage of “duck” under continuing evaluation. Following are developing hypotheses and updates thus far.


Essential duck. Size, shape, and mouth-feel strangely addictive. We hope to acquire more sample ducks soon, as we believe they may appease the Spacemonkey masses.


Looks like a duck. Squeaks like a duck. Investigation ongoing.


We no longer believe this to be a duck.


Human response: “Not a duck–broccoli.” Interesting.

We test all boundaries, growing ever closer to communicative goals.


Until next time, your tireless

Space Monkey Twins





Space Monkey “Duck” Investigations

15 thoughts on “Space Monkey “Duck” Investigations

  1. Bear was saying “duck” about trucks for a long time, and then he called everything “duck,” and now I think he’s back to “duck” meaning actual ducks (which he sometimes refers to simply by quacking?) and trucks and the occasional misc. item.

    Language acquisition is weird.

    • Weird and so fascinating! The slow, slow progression of developments leading toward language. Already, with next to no words, it’s amazing how much I feel like we’re communicating. Sometimes I feel like I’m imagining it, but it’s definitely real.

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