A Poem to Spring


First it’s just a haze up in the trees. Almost imagined. Then it catches you as you pass. One green bud has forced its way out of this dead-looking twig. Tightly packed, ready to burst. And there is another, and another. Soft like a babies’ skin, a birth on every branch.

Slow-motion eruption, some invisible weight jarred out of inertia and everything is turning. Curdling, ripping open. Amidst the churning earth, green whispers and suddenly a pink bush bursts into life. Pink!

As if you were color blind your whole life, now seeing color for the first time.

Soon the colors come hard and fast. Leaves unwind from buds, filling our nostrils with greedy expectation.

Like rutting deer, we’re ready to ram the trees, kick our legs, start a fist-fight. Eyes inadequate to the task of absorbing, wanting to roll in the grass like dogs. Almost angry at our limited senses in the presence of this happening. Spring.


6 thoughts on “A Poem to Spring

  1. Enjoyed your poem! “Green whispers” is such a lovely, apt phrase. I was in the northern end of Central Park yesterday where everyone and everything seemed bursting with energy–a mound of daffodils, bright green willow trees, buds on crabapple trees ready to pop out on the next warm day, girls playing Double Dutch, ducks bobbing in Harlem Meer and the joyous sound of congas! Enjoy getting to know your new neighborhood this spring!

    • Hi Terry!! Thanks for commenting 🙂 I have been enjoying exploring the neighborhood now that the weather is warming. Yesterday I went for a run in Frick Park and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was with the sound of birds and buds coming out on all the trees.

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