How I Accidentally Scared the Crap Out of My Twins


It started when a box arrived from Amazon. Innocent enough. I opened the box and instead of peanuts or bubble wrap, the extra space had been filled with one very long piece of thick brown paper. Paper! I thought. The babies love paper. So I pulled it quickly out of the box.

It was one huge, very long coil. Like that endless scarf up the sleeve trick it kept going, up in the air and down, smothering the living room. It was a thirty foot python! And loud, too. CRINKLE CRACKLE SHHHSHSHSHHSSH. It coiled in a giant pile around my feet, the chair, the whole rug, resting up against the play pen.

M went absolutely ballistic. Not just any scream, but her truly scared, panicky scream.

So that’s when I became a responsive mother and went to comfort her… Or not. That’s when I decided I would reason with her, show her it was just paper. “See, it’s just paper,” I said soothingly, crinkling it a little bit. “It’s okay, it’s just paper.” And I tossed some of it near her. Oops. She started whimpering her high whimper reserved for times of extra stress, gulping breaths. She was truly terrified.

At this point I realized things had taken a wrong turn. Bean had also joined in the screaming, though she didn’t seem quite as terrified as M. I pulled the paper away and sat down to take them into my lap. Eventually they got over their fear, first Bean poking at the paper tentatively, and then M.

Next time I will try not to terrorize them with giant paper snakes.


18 thoughts on “How I Accidentally Scared the Crap Out of My Twins

  1. LOL! Poor babies…haha I probably would have done the same…attempt to reason with them…but give up once I heard the screams.

      • Ah sure they forget very quickly. When they get a little older and can’t sleep because of monsters in their dreams, that’s when it becomes very difficult to convince them that everything is OK. You can tell them that there are no monsters or ghosts, but to them, they are very real. Every night they want to sleep in your bed and can’t understand why they can’t, and if you let them into your bed for a few nights it can take a huge effort to get them out again. I told them their cuddly toys had all sorts of super powers and would protect them from monsters etc. It worked a treat. Sorry for long post! :o)

  2. My friend uses “monster spray” to scare away monsters at night. She labeled a water bottle with a picture of a monster and the red circle with the line through it. All it is is water in there, but it works! So I adapted it and used it as scare spray to scare away anything scary. The kids love it and feel confident they’re scaring away the scaries with their spray. And…it works!

  3. I find this incredibly comforting, since Bear burst into terrified tears this weekend over a remote-controlled car and has pressed himself, mute and terrified, against our kitchen counters because of the blender. And of course I always think the same thing you did– here! I’ll show him how harmless this is and it’ll be fine!

    They’re so weird and funny.

    • True. In retrospect it sort of makes sense, but kind of impossible to predict. One thing is consistently terrifying and that’s the vacuum cleaner–doesn’t help with the mess situation around here.

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