Extremely Easy, Arty Creative Games for Kids (or Adults)

Here are two extremely easy, fun creative games that take no supplies at all. When I was younger I used to do these both with my middle sister. Hours of entertainment, I’m telling you.

The first may be a bit easier to take. All you need is two people, a piece of paper and a pen. Here’s how it works. The first person makes some random scribble on the page not resembling anything. The second person then has to make that scribble into a picture of something. That’s it. And actually, you don’t even need two people, you can do it by yourself: I did this evening and quite enjoyed myself actually. Here are my results:









The second is, wait for it…drawings made of human hair! On the shower wall! What, you’re not convinced? Well I’m telling you when my sister and I were little, we used to be quite impressed by each others’ hair drawings. Though I will admit it led to a lifelong bad habit of sticking shed hair to the wall during showers. At least that keeps it out of the drain. But anyway, I digress. It works similarly to the scribbles. The random hair stuck on the wall suggests the shape of something. Behold a hare of hair:


Hard to take good photos in the shower.


Here’s a little perspective.

And a slimy frog:



Hope you enjoyed. You probably won’t believe me, but the first idea for a blog I ever had was to do a hair picture every day and post it. Probably for the best I didn’t follow through on that one. With twins, I don’t have time for standing around that long in the shower, anyway. Looking forward to when mine are old enough for drawing.


24 thoughts on “Extremely Easy, Arty Creative Games for Kids (or Adults)

  1. Whoa, that takes me back! Mom was just asking why we do that with our hair and I tried to explain, but she remained unconvinced… Man did we have fun…

  2. Wow, great ideas! Though I suspect a small amount of artistic talent (which you have in bucket-loads) probably helps 😉

    • But not necessary. I think it’s like magnetic poetry–brings out the latent artist in everyone! Also, I never met a little kid who didn’t like to draw.

      • So true! My kids love drawing – it was more my input that I was concerned about, ha ha. 😉

  3. Have used this scribble idea many times. Unfortunately, ours look not nearly as good as yours!! Still fun times anyways!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My friend Katie and I used to play the Scribble game in high school! You know, when class was boring once of us would pass the other a scribble, and then the other would pass it back when they’d turned it into a picture. I had totally forgotten about it. Our drawings were in no way as cool as yours, but it was the same idea. Thanks for reminding me!

    • So fun!! I guess this is a real classic game! Didn’t realize it was enjoyed by so many people, and with good reason 🙂 Actually it’s still fun now. I think I might like to do a scribble drawing every day. Thanks for visiting and commenting!!

  5. That’s great! The hair drawings are amazing! I used to put my hairs on the wall when I lived at home and had long hair, and then I would often forget to take them off. My mom didn’t really care for that. LOL

    I have played a version of the first game, but with words. One person writes a word and the next writes the next word that comes to mind, not thinking about it, just write. I remember doing this with a friend for at least an hour in a greasy spoon diner one night. Fun!

    • So fun!! I’m going to try that. I think I’ve played where one person starts a story, then the next person can only see the last sentence, and continues. So many interesting things you can do when working together.

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