Baby Sketchbook

I spent a bit of time in the play pen today sketching the babies. They move around a lot, so not easy, but still fun. Bean kept crawling over and trying to grab my sketchbook, then crying because I wasn’t paying enough attention to her. Actually I was paying a lot of attention to her, but not the type of attention she was looking for.

M decided she would ignore what I was doing and sit with her back to me on the other side of the super yard, but eventually she looked over at me, with Bean lying in my lap, and started crying. I called her and patted my lap but she didn’t want to come, so I just took her up and gave her a hug and a zerbert and that seemed to fix things.


Baby Sketchbook

10 thoughts on “Baby Sketchbook

  1. Delightful. Would love to join you in that playpen. Your sketching, along with your mom’s, has inspired me to start doing same. Now have some very boring sketches of people in airport waiting rooms, most are overweight, all are all looking down at their ipods. Babies are much more exciting.

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