Clapping and Sleeping


Bean is clapping. D claims that when he sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” she knew to come in with the claps at the right place. She looks so cute, concentrating on pressing her palms together. We are very proud.

And I think they’re giving kisses. At least, that’s my new interpretation of what’s happening when they lean in, mouths open, to very tenderly eat my nose.

Also, today M fell asleep in the highchair. Not just snoozing: out. She didn’t even wake up when I unbuckled her, lifted her, carried her upstairs and put her in the crib. It’s tiring all this learning. At dinner D and I were remembering our birthday parties as kids. I remembered how I always wanted a sleepover party. Now I understand why my parents weren’t too keen–what a hellish proposition! Of course these days it’s hard to imagine the appeal. Now it’s: “On my birthday I’m gonna go to bed at 7 pm!”

Speaking of which, maybe tonight will be the night that we actually manage to go to bed early.


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4 thoughts on “Clapping and Sleeping

  1. Ha, good luck w the early to bed thing. Btw, my daughter has a friend who has sleepover parties all the time (7 years old). I say her mother is very brave. I am not too keen on having even one for the night!

  2. Aww I remember my two trying to clap their hands. Now they are trying to click their fingers! I remember wishing for one night in a hotel, by myself and all I wanted to do is sleep!

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