It’s Coming!

spring1 spring2 spring3 spring4

Despite the roadkill robin I discovered on our street this past week, and even in spite of the random snow shower this morning, spring has sprung! This afternoon the sun came out, and suddenly there are flowers. Crocuses, and leaf buds ready to burst on every tree. I even caught a whiff of damp mulch. Oh, yes!

I realize these photos aren’t the best, but I’m posting because I’m excited. Every spring is crazily exciting, but this spring is particularly exciting! It’s been a long winter…


12 thoughts on “It’s Coming!

    • I know! Yay spring! This is the first year I actually have a little back yard to plant in. I’ve been told I need to order seeds now. We’ll see what happens.

    • Yes please! Today it’s supposed to be 51 and sunny and I can’t wait! We’re going to the park! I think I have a vitamin D deficiency after all this winter.

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