Things I Lost in the Move


We’ve mostly unpacked all the boxes at this point after our move from Brooklyn to Pittsburgh, but a few things have just gone missing. Here’s a list of them, in no particular order: 

1. The vacuum cleaner head and post. Now you can only use the vacuum if you want to bend down and suction one thing at a time right into the hose. Having a filthy house is really helping me get my head in order.

2. My breast pump kit. I had two. I just have no idea…

3. All my earrings. Except for one very fancy pair of studs I kept in my jewelry box. And one pair that was mysteriously in with the office supplies. 

4. A mixing bowl. 

5. The broom. 

6. The mop. I think there’s a conspiracy. Yes, that’s why the house is so gross. 

7. A few nuts and bolts. 

8. My friends. 

9. A Space Monkey. No wait, there are just two and they both made it.  

10. My car. Wait, what? 

11. My head. 

That about covers it. But all is not lost. Tomorrow I will make a trip to Target and solve at least half these problems.  

Your Sparrow


8 thoughts on “Things I Lost in the Move

  1. I wish I had an excuse for the end result you note in #6. Lo, we have been here ten months and . . . this. I’m just hoping we can get it in order in the next, oh, 2-3 weeks! I do not anticipate coming out on top. :p

    • Target is excellent. You can really get lost in there. I ended up buying a metal cake plate and cover which was definitely not on the list but is making me very happy 🙂

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