Baring Your Soul to Babies


Today our new landlord dropped by. It was the first time he’d met the twins, and they did what they always do when they meet someone new for the first time. They stare.

Not a subtle, through-your-lashes stare. A STARE. They both become very quiet and totally serious. Without a blink, they bore a hole deep into the person’s soul with their dark, blue-brown eyes. Something about the interrogation of those two baby stares often puts people to nervous laughter or joke-making. They are that serious.

Eventually they warm up and then they are goofy and giggly as can be. They’re actually quite social and love visitors. I’ll never forget the image of them at our goodbye party in Brooklyn, being passed from person to person, smiling away and loving the whole experience. But first they scrutinize. Closely. For a long time.

I wish I could see the world through their eyes. It must be a fascinating place.

8 thoughts on “Baring Your Soul to Babies

  1. This is funny… my son is here over my shoulder reading your blog and he says, “I know! That’s what happens to me. Little kids will give me evil looks.” Think yours have ever met mine?!

  2. Ha ha! I remember my husband’s old boss had twins and when my husband visited his home, the babies stared at him in exactly the way you describe. He was really unsettled by it. They are clever babies, sussing people out! :0)

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