First tooth!


The Munchkin has a tooth! Just poking through barely on the bottom. I tried to get a picture but it’s only just barely appeared and she covers it with her tongue. So I did a sketch instead.

I noticed it when I was feeding her breakfast. I put the spoon in her mouth and heard it click against something. What a happy surprise.Β She seemed to know something exciting was happening in there. Smiling away sliding her tongue over her bottom gum and putting her fingers in her mouth.

These babies are somewhat obsessed with teeth, I’d say, judging by the frequency and intensity with which they put their fingers in my mouth. Almost every time I hold them they get very serious, then reach a hand up to feel my bottom teeth. I usually fake bite them and then they giggle. Makes me feel like a mother lion or something. Teeth! Roar! Someday, little cubs, you too will have your own set of pearly whites like these! Ah, to be at the top of the food chain. Big-mouth lion yawn. Snap, snap.

Wonder when Bean’s will poke through. They are getting so big these babies.


20 thoughts on “First tooth!

  1. Wow! Awesome sis-in-law is an artist too..super cool! First tooth?! They grow so fast…I just can’t take it!!

  2. What a beautiful, happy post. Even though my babies are 14 and 19, I still think about that first tooth poking through and the silly little giggles that would ensue when I went searching for “buxies” with my finger.
    Your writing is so fun to read…smooth, comforting and warm. Loved the sketch, too.

    • Thank you so much for saying that! That makes me feel really good. I love your blog, too. Makes me jealous of your amazing garden! I am going to try some gardening this spring. Thanks for inspiring me.

  3. The fingers-in-the-mouth thing is so sweet! I love these posts– they really nicely capture the joy of these little day-to-day moments with babies. I read them and remember those things about Bear and it makes me so happy.

    For instance: Bear has just started roaring like a lion, but he does it quietly, like a whisper-roar.

    • Thank you so much! That sounds amazing, the whisper-roar. Babies (toddlers, kids) are the best.

      This is unrelated, but I thought I signed up to get emails when you post on your blog but I’m not getting them. Not sure what I did wrong. Do I have to sign into tumblr to see posts?

      • Oh gosh, tumblr is such a weird place. So half the things on tumblr don’t exactly work properly (like, ahem, the search function). The email thing could be one of those. Alternately it could be that I have been horribly remiss in posting?

        I subscribe via feedly because…I’m not sure why? I think at one point I liked to make sure the formatting wasn’t totally insane in a reader. It mostly works.

        Anyway, I’m hugely flattered that you signed up to see posts by email! I will have to step up my posting game.

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