Check-In With the Space Monkeys


I thought it might be worthwhile to take a moment and write individually about each of the monkeys, what they’re each up to these days. I’ll start with Bean.


She has the most infectious, toothless smile–seems rather jolly in general, actually. I’m in love with the way she wrinkles her nose when she smiles, the fuzzy tuft of hair on her head. Though she’s working on crawling to some extent, she is often happy sitting and playing with toys nearby, or just rolling onto her tummy. Every time you look over at her her face contorts into that amazing grin, which inevitably brings you over, and then she lifts her arms to be picked up.

When you put something new and enticing in front of her, a new toy, or an interesting new finger food, she doesn’t just grab it immediately (though she is quite capable). Instead she lifts her arms in the air like she’s casting a spell and wiggles her fingers, staring intently at the new thing. She then cautiously lowers her hands to touch lightly, explore, thoughtfully suck.

Also, Bean loves music and is incredibly appreciative of any singing or dancing you might do for her benefit, smiling immediately and chuckling. She loves to dance with you.


M is working hard all the time on her crawling. She’s a little monkey, gripping you when you hold her. When you put her for a nap in her crib she rolls immediately onto her stomach and pushes herself up to a crawling position. Sometimes she can’t fall asleep for this reason. She loves bouncing in the jumperoo or doorway jumper.

She’s also working hard on talking, very clearly enunciating Da Da Da, her little mouth working on the correct shape whenever she’s awake. She seems to take a bit longer to warm up to strangers, but that smile when it comes is beautiful.

She is intent on feeding herself and especially seems to enjoy finger foods for that reason. She goes at them with gusto, making me nervous by cramming whole broccoli or bread pieces in her mouth, but getting upset if I try to take them away. Also, she has a quizzical, flared nostril expression she makes sometimes if I do something silly. Occasionally she is content to snuggle quietly, her arms around my neck.

Other people have commented how calm and easy going both babies seem. They like to be in the middle of the room and watch what’s happening around them. They both have long attention spans for investigating new toys, babbling to themselves, to each other. If you put them both in the play area they tend to move around until they are sitting right next to each other.

They are my kind of people. I am lucky to have them in my life.

17 thoughts on “Check-In With the Space Monkeys

  1. Those are two adorable babies you have there! If I didn’t have a baby weighing my own uterus down, seeing that picture would have made it let out its own little squeal of delight.

  2. Hi! Just found your blog and glad I did! I have 7 month old boy/girl twins and I’m always looking for other blogger moms – especially those with twins. Your babies are absolutely adorable! Looking forward to reading future posts!

    • Hi Elizabeth!! Thank you so much for commenting! So good to hear from you! Have you been doing any drawing or knitting lately? I miss you and everyone at the library, too. Thank you for the good wishes and same to you.

  3. It’s a pleasure to watch you and your twins grow together-and to read your acute observations about their behaviors. Can’t wait to meet them in person.

  4. You write so beautifully about your babies. They sound like a trip! I can’t imagine I could handle twins… But you do it so we’ll 🙂 thanks for sharing the update.

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