First Post From Pittsburgh!

This is just a quick post to say I’m alive! We made it to Pittsburgh. And with all our stuff, no less, despite the foot plus of snow that fell the day before moving and continued the day of.

We have no Internet yet, so I’m laboriously typing this post letter by letter on my phone. But hopefully tomorrow afternoon we’ll get the web up and running and I can go back to blog-land!

I’ve been trying to take some pictures of the new neighborhood so I can do a Hello to Pittsburgh! post. Blogging again will be a sort of return to normalcy. Little by little we’re settling in. At least now we have most of our stuff out of boxes. Except our clothes. The bedroom is still a big box pile.



4 thoughts on “First Post From Pittsburgh!

  1. So glad you are all safely moved and (mostly) settled! I love reading your blog and your perceptive observations and am looking forward to more as you explore your new hometown and your amazing girls.

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