Not sure if I’ll have time to post the next few days, because we’ll packing the contents of our life into boxes and then schlepping it 400 miles through the snow in a truck. But I wanted to post together some of these photos I have of the neighborhood as a farewell. It really is a beautiful place.

sunsetpark1 sunsetpark2 sunsetpark3 sunsetpark4 sunsetpark6 sunsetpark7 sunsetpark8 sunsetpark9 sunsetpark10 copy


A Goodbye to Sunset Park, Brooklyn

13 thoughts on “A Goodbye to Sunset Park, Brooklyn

  1. you sound very nostalgic…it is bittersweet…I’ve moved so many times it’s insane…still sad about some places but love the energy a new city and house bring…..not to mention actually living driving distance from family!!….have a safe trip all of you!!
    love j.

  2. i wish i could leave my favorite sunset park pictures in the reply! i’m so right there with you!! nostalgia just means you did a good job of liking it while you were there…

  3. I hope wherever it is your going gives you as sweet memories as where you’ve been. Goodluck with the move and looking forward to hearing about it once you’re settled.

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