Movin’ and Groovin’ Babies


I think I mentioned that M is all roly poly now, rolling here and there and the other place getting into all sorts of trouble. As of yesterday she is also pushing herself up on all fours getting ready for a proper crawl. D went in the other day and found her that way in the crib, and all day she’s been pushing herself up, not moving from there yet, but strengthening her muscles.

The Bean doesn’t seem as interested in rolling around or crawling yet, but she can’t get enough of standing! When you try to put her down in a sitting position her knees lock so that you have to hold her up standing. And she beams. She is so darn happy with herself about standing. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. Today I stood her in front of a little bench so she could support herself. Her smile is contagious.

This afternoon both babies were fussing, so I put on some Jack Johnson and took a turn dancing around the room with each of them. Bean especially can’t get enough, though M seems to prefer bouncing games in my lap, “This is the way the ladies ride, the ladies ride, the ladies ride…”

They are discovering all the amazing things their bodies can do. They lift their hands in the air and rotate their wrists, waving like Miss America. They reach up and rub the hair on top of their heads, then grab their toes. They grab a slippery piece of banana between thumb and forefinger. And mouths! Mouths are awesome. Bean was making farty mouth sounds the entire day. Throat clearing noises, lip smacking noises–it’s amazing what lips and tongues can do! They are completely delighted with their bodies, with life.



8 thoughts on “Movin’ and Groovin’ Babies

  1. This makes me smile–I can just see it! It sounds so cheesy to say/write it, but it truly is amazing and wonderful to see babies figure out the world and how everything works (including themselves)!

  2. Love this post! Like yours, one of my twins (my daughter) loves music, loves hearing me sing, loves people’s voices. Her brother loves to jump, stand, bounce, lock his legs…he won’t sit still for a moment. And he’s really not too interested in my singing! It’s crazy how twins can be so different.

    At what age were your twins working on finger foods? Mine started solids at 6 months and now, 1.5 months later, they aren’t able to pick anything up off the tray and my son isn’t even interested in none-pureed foods. He’s content to just open his mouth for the incoming spoon.

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