Funny Search Terms That Have Brought People to My Blog


WordPress gives you all sorts of information about how people find your blog: what websites they link from, in what countries they live, and what search terms they used to find you. Turns out the search terms are pretty entertaining. (Or at least I find them entertaining.) Here’s a list of a few of the search terms that have brought people to this blog. I’m listing them exactly as they were used, typos, quotation marks and everything. Italics commentary is mine πŸ™‚ :

feeling trapped at home with newborn twins (well yes, this one makes sense)

funny things people don’t know about me (what are you expecting to find…)

do monkeys breastfeed each others

celebrities with twins (that’s me!)

people who don’t like kids (…hmm)

googoo monkey toy

breastfes baby has stinky poop

dream that I can’t drive

baby booger picker

booger picker for babies

space monkey baby clothes (sign me up!)

unusual space objects 2014

crabhead toy

poop diaper

“the babies” prunes diaper

“jar of prunes” shit diaper


But then again, people also found it with these:

positive thinking around the holidays

value of nicu nurses

so thankful for my husband on christmas

So judging from this I have a very sappy blog involving lots of bodily fluids. Nice.

ps: I do not recommend googling anything having to do with poop.


10 thoughts on “Funny Search Terms That Have Brought People to My Blog

  1. Before Google started concealing search terms, there was so much colorful info available! There’s still some, and I still get ones that make me giggle. Also shudder. While “Thunder Thighs” was my mom’s superhero name, it is clear most folks searching for that particular term are not looking for tales about my mom’s make believe exploits as a super hero!

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