What Happened to Our Living Room?

As of today, here’s what our living room looks like. That’s right it’s a big baby corral. In preparation for our imminent move to Pittsburgh, this morning I sold the couch that used to be across from that TV. Without the couch there was a big hole, so I finally set up our super yard. The babies aren’t crawling yet, but they’re scooting enough to where I feel uncomfortable leaving them to get in the shower.

I showed my sister a picture of the new setup and she said, “It’s clear who’s boss at your house now!” Oh me. I like to think this isn’t a permanent state of affairs. After we move I’m still holding out hope for a nice (though baby proofed) living room to relax in, a new couch. But there’s no denying we’re in baby world now. Goodbye to our book-filled, curl up on the cozy sofa for two, feet on our white-striped carpet and watch a movie in peace living room. Hello family room!

ps: Has your house/decor changed since you had kids? How? Might be fun to share.


What Happened to Our Living Room?

25 thoughts on “What Happened to Our Living Room?

      • Lol, that’s awesome. We have our super yard bolted to the wall around our DVD bookshelves and tv (to keep the babies out, not in!) Our living room is definitely changed for the long haul. 3 kids 2 years apart will do that. Twin power!

      • Yay twin power! I’m not sure how long they’ll be content to be in the enclosure and not out, but it’s working great for now! I’m hoping the super yard will be versatile when we need to change things around. Thanks for commenting!

  1. Man, I should post a picture of our living room! If we can even call it that anymore! In our living room we have two pack and plays, a bouncer, two rock n plays, a playmat, a jumparoo, and a baby swing. That doesn’t include their books or the bin of toys. Oh, and lets’ not forget the Diaper Genie. My husband broke his toe stumbling on something in our living room/play room. It is pure CHAOS. My house is also super super tiny. It’s i-n-s-a-n-e. I know that it won’t ever go back to what it used to be. I’m cool with that, but I warn my guests in advance. This is our life now!

    • Ha. The babies have taken over! 🙂 Twins take up a lot of space. I just got rid of our baby swing, which freed up a bit of space, but now we’ve got this corral. It never ends!

  2. Our house is now decorated with toys! As of Christmas/the girls’ birthday, we have a large indoor trampoline in the living area in our basement and a huge plastic kitchen in our upstairs living area. They both have completely changed the look of our house…but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I wish I had a before and after picture, actually. It’s pretty comical to think about how drastically different things are. 🙂 Kids definitely change everything!! Good luck with the packing and moving!

    • Thanks! We are starting to actually think about the logistics of the move, and there’s a lot to figure out! I think it will come in handy having this little enclosure while we’re packing/cleaning/moving. Trampoline sounds fun!

  3. We stopped babyproofing after our son maneuvered around all our obstacles, but there are a lot less pointy things in kid reach! And there are toys in the strangest places, no matter how vigilant we are. 🙂

  4. It’s amazing how kids take up no space, it’s all their stuff! We tried to keep it normal when we just had one but since the twins I just gave in and decided not to fight it, but I have always been a person for function over fashion.

  5. Your house looks very neat and clean, even though the babies are taking over your living room! My house hasn’t changed yet, but then again my little one is only 2 months, ask me in a few months! Good luck with your move!

    • Ha, thanks! It feels very chaotic to me with boxes around now trying to sort through things to take and things to get rid of. Thanks for the good wishes on the move! I know, it’s funny when they’re first born how they don’t need that much, but then the equipment slowly grows and grows.

  6. Oh I like the look of your book-filled room.. Lovely, lovely. The twins are 10 weeks today, and I already thinks our lovely book-filled room looks like a zoo. How will this end. When will we sleep? And how long is it safe, health wise, to leave a bathroom un-cleaned? So many questions. So little sleep…

    • Well it used to be lovely! All set up for a quiet afternoon curled up with a book listening to the rain fall. HA! Yeah, I’m dealing with the uncleanliness thing, too. It’s particularly an issue now that mine want to crawl all over the place sucking on the floor and things. You are in the thick of it with the no sleep, but you will get through it! We sleep trained ours around four months. After that we’ve slept through the night, which is HUGE (but I won’t say it isn’t still exhausting). Thanks for commenting!

    • Hi! This one is a Northstates Superyard (it’s actually two Superyards combined. One of the Superyards has a gate with it. I definitely recommend the gate). We got them both used.

  7. before kids i though, “never”, now i look at that set up and i want it. having a safe place to leave the littles for a bit means more freedom; quick showers, dinner, laundry, clean up and a much needed break for my back! Where did you get the gates?

  8. before kids i though, “never”, now i look at that set up and i want it. having a safe place to leave the littles for a bit means more freedom; quick showers, dinner, laundry, clean up and a much needed break for my back! Where did you get the gates?

    just saw post above! northgates superyard- thanks!

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