Babies with OPINIONS–I Guess They Can Join the Family Now


I think I’ve mentioned that the babies now have very distinct personalities. Well, along with the personalities seem to come distinct opinions. I am enjoying sucking on this rubber ducky. This is a good toy. NO I AM NOT HAPPY YOU TOOK THAT AWAY. Oh okay being carried is okay, I’m happy. NO I AM NOT HAPPY YOU ARE PUTTING ME DOWN ON THE CHANGING TABLE. And so on.

Today, after playing on the mat for a while, the babies seemed to be getting restless. I put Bean in the exersaucer. She was fine looking at the toys until I put M in the doorway bouncer nearby. “Waaaaaaaiiiii”! Lips turning down in outrage. It was so sudden I thought she had somehow hurt herself, but there was nothing wrong. I turned around, and again the scream–she was staring pointedly at M, who was now bouncing one-handed, with relish, like she was riding a bucking bronco. Bean stared, horrified, Not Fair! If she knew how to point she would have. I took her out of the exersaucer and moved her to the Rainforest Jumperoo. Bounce, bounce, bounce and immediately a huge grin. Okay, she said without saying a word. You did good.

These are not two passive little birds we’re dealing with. When mama comes with the worm, they’ve got their mouths open crying for the spoon, upset when it’s going in the others’ mouth. If you pick one up from the crib and walk out of the room, the other cries in outrage at being left behind. They know what they want. They are amazing little people.

8 thoughts on “Babies with OPINIONS–I Guess They Can Join the Family Now

  1. That’s another lovely record of your twins at a new stage. I wish I had started recording things when mine were younger – it’s so easy to forget. You’ll love looking back at these little observations some day. ;0)

      • They will. To have your early years documented at all is great. My parents have lots of photos of us as kids, but when I ask what I was like as a child they can’t really remember! My husband was away for 6 nights before Christmas, and when he came back he noticed how the kids’ speech had developed a little. They are fascinating to watch. :0)

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