Is It Wrong to Blog About Your Kids?


Before I get into this post, I’m just going to say up front I’m pretty in love with blogging. Not just in love: it’s what’s keeping me sane right now. This afternoon I had a play date scheduled with another real human being and real babies. Then out of nowhere came this blizzard and I had to cancel because I can’t get down the stoop or push the stroller through the snow. But then, like a light from heaven here is this blog, my communication portal.

That said, it is a strange thing, sharing information with the Internet. How much is okay to share? What are the issues? The blog has to involve my kids because that’s a major part of my life right now.Β So I thought I would put these questions out there and see what you all say. Here they are:

Is it wrong to share photos of the babies? And videos?

It’s sort of irresistible to share sometimes. The blog is incomplete without at least the occasional picture. So why do I get an uneasy feeling each time I post one? The worst-case scenario that comes to mind, of a stalker or pedophile finding photos of your child online and deciding to target them is not an actual danger, according to this New York Times piece. As with anything you put online, the danger is with misappropriation of the image. Pedophiles, as the Times piece points out, are also not going to use your child’s picture. More likely is something likeΒ this bizarre story of a family whose christmas photo ended up being used as an advertisement for a grocery store in the Czech Republic. Clearly at minimum I should start using watermarks.

More worrying, I think, is the fear of photos being used for cyber bullying. Some bully in the future using the babies’ images against them. But then again, these are baby photos we’re talking about. I don’t think using anyone’s adorable baby picture would be an effective bullying technique, but maybe you can convince me otherwise. I wouldn’t post naked photos, or photos of the babies in any compromising situation. D says maybe my photoshopping funny hats onto their photos, as I have done, could be compromising to the babies in future (he has a way of making me feel morally guilty). I took those photos down just in case, but in my opinion it’s harmless. At some point, though, they won’t be babies anymore, and then I think the conversation changes.

Babies can’t decide for themselves how they feel about the blog, so is it wrong to write about them on it?Β 

I talk about my husband on this blog on occasion. Each time, I am extremely conscious of what I say and how he will feel about it. I try not to be over-revealing, speak for him, or portray him in a way he might object to. I also don’t use his full name, and I don’t put his picture. Do I do the same with my babies? Yes and no. Their pictures I mentioned. I don’t put their names, and I portray them in a positive light (how could I possibly portray babies in a negative light?). I think of this sort of like a book for them, and I envision them years later reading it. I try not to post anything I think they might object to, and to be conscious about not comparing or pigeon-holing them.

I’m not making any sweeping pronouncements or points here. I would love to know how you all decide what images or information you’ll share online about your kids (or self or family), be it in blogs, Facebook, or whatever. Thanks for reading!


22 thoughts on “Is It Wrong to Blog About Your Kids?

  1. So funny, my husband and I were just talking about this yesterday. Personally I find it irresistible to blog about my kids but I do share your concerns.

  2. It’s brilliant that you reflect about this subject. It something that I think a lot about too and something that I do not really have a straight answer to. I think that when babies are babies it’s fairly ok to share their photographs. It’s when they get older and are easy to be identified that it becomes more of an issue. I think though that photos of children on the web are needed. They are part of society and the web should reflect the society.

    • That’s an interesting point that the Internet should reflect the culture. It would be a strange web with no babies πŸ™‚ I don’t think there is an easy answer–the Internet is still new terrain–but it’s worth it to think about.

  3. I am paranoid about posting photos of my kids on the blog that’s why you will hardly see me do it and when I do, i choose photos where my kids are not facing the camera. This is the reason why I post my drawings on my blog instead LOL
    I blog about all things crazy in our house but I do have stories that are just for family and will never be published and I also use their nicknames instead of their real names.

  4. Hello, here I am again Via the laptop this time. My husband isn’t comfortable with me sharing images of the kids so I don’t put them on my blog. I think it’s OK as long as they aren’t traceable to your location. Or if you share images, don’t share their names and vice versa. ;0)

    • That makes sense. I think it’s interesting how everyone decides what’s okay in this new terrain. Do you mean traceable by what’s in the picture? Or is there something in the picture that tags it? Thanks for coming back with the laptop! I’ve had issues trying to comment on my phone, too πŸ˜›

      • Now that I think about it, both I suppose! But I had meant if the picture was digitally tagged in some way. I’m not great at facebook but I remember something in the media about how it is important to adjust your settings in facebook. I think you may need to switch location services off? Apparently people can easily find your location with a few clicks of the mouse. That frightened me a bit and because facebook are forever changing their settings, I don’t trust them or myself to keep on top of it all.

      • Yeah, for some reason I prefer the blog to Facebook. I feel like Facebook lends a sort of false sense of security about who can see the pictures. The blog at least you know it’s public and you have to think really carefully about what you want to put on. Not sure if that’s actually logical.

  5. Man I post pics of the babies like its my job! But for me this blog is partially a scrapbook of sorts, so I’ll have something to look back to whenI forget what it was like when they were little..

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  7. I definitely feel like I over share about my kids on social media. I worry that they may resent so much of their lives being chronicled online for all to see but at the end of the day, I do what I feel is right in my heart of hearts.

    • I know, there is much too much to worry about as a parent. Exactly what you say, we do what feels right in our hearts. Plus we need our sanity and the blog is frankly indispensable! πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment!

  8. What a wonderful discussion about a topic that’s been nagging at me since I starte blogging in September. I was on the fence for quite awhile and then, one day, completely went to the full reveal/transparent side when I wrote a story about my daughter. My kiddos are old enough (19 and 14) to where I can talk them about what they are and aren’t comfortable with. Just last week I wrote a very personal story about my husband lost his job. I knew it was risky, but he viewed it as a loving tribute and knew I needed it for my own sanity. All this said, I’m careful with pictures for all of the reasons you outlined. I’m going to love your blog space…5 minutes in and I’ve already learned valuable new lessons! Thank you!

    • Thanks for commenting! I guess it’s really case by case making sure whoever we’re writing about is comfortable with it. If they’re old enough (ie not babies), talking to them about how they feel and what’s okay with them. Of course everyone will feel differently about being written about, but we all like to feel included in the decision-making. Bloggers’ sanity is important, though! Seriously. Thanks for adding to the discussion πŸ™‚

  9. It can be a tough balance! I share a ton of photos, because I like to share, and also because I have a bunch of family/friends who love to see them. In retrospect I wish I’d started using pseudonyms instead of their real names, just for a bit more safety…but oh well. I never share last names or anything, that’s always been a hard line for me on the interwebs. And I definitely censor a bit–like I didn’t post about the times one baby fell off the couch. 😦 I too envision them reading everything later on, so I want to be fair and interesting in the coverage. But of course who knows if they’ll grow up being totally over social media/internet/blogs/whatever comes next.

    So I’m of the school that if I don’t think about internet safety, it’s not a big deal. That totally works, right? πŸ˜€

    • Sounds like you are thinking about it and doing what seems right! It certainly is a very friendly community of bloggers out there, and the pictures add a lot. You’re right it’s hard to imagine what the technology of the future will be or what people will be using. Is your blog public? I try to click on your name but it doesn’t go through. Anyway thanks for commenting!

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