16 thoughts on “And in other news…OMG WE’RE LEAVING BROOKLYN

  1. Congratulations! Obviously you guys have your own reasons for moving, but I have to say that our quality of life changed a lot when we moved from places with very high costs of living (Boston, DC) to a place with a low cost of living (Portland). I’ve always thought of myself as a big city person, and it took some time to get settled, but things just felt easier. Like suddenly our lives had a little more breathing room.

    I’ve heard great things about Pittsburgh, too. Will you be closer to family?

    (And I can’t get over the cuteness of the twins. I was undone by yesterday’s video.)

    • Thanks! Yes, our aim is to make life a bit easier. Things that were an advantage when we had no kids, like the subway, have now just become a logistical nightmare. And the cost, yes that’s not working either. Fingers crossed it all turns out great.

  2. Nooo! I will miss you guys!! But I’m sure it will be easier and better for you. Let’s be sure to get together before you leave!

  3. Good for you guys. Hear that D got a job there. It’s got to be easier there than in NYC. Are you going to go job hunting or stay home for a while? See you in Toledo.

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