Strange and Mysterious Investigations

Strange and Mysterious Dialogue 

“Dear Space Monkey Twins,

Thank you for sharing your observations. I wanted to alert you to some interesting work happening in Portland, ME around the Glow Box. Researchers there have initiated oral investigations of the un-lit Glow Box. They were also able to activate the glow…” [click link above]

Dear Portland Interested Party,

Galloping Glow Worms! This is a very exciting development! Was fingerprint recognition necessary for Glow Box initiation? Our efforts at understanding have been somewhat hampered by our thus far lack of mobility. Needless to say, we are working day and night on achieving “texting thumb” grasp and learning to control these jumpy leg appendages! In the meantime, we will alternate between panting excitement and affected nonchalance in the presence of The Glow, in the hopes of securing a closer investigation.

I hope we too might have something to share with the Baby Council.

Your admiring

Space Monkey Twins


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